2020's Best Coyote Calls Reviews

OUR TOP CHOICE: Johnny Stewart Electronic Predator Call

Loud, compact, and ready to use in the field. Pre-programmed with 10 authentic predator luring calls, plus 256 Mb of storage for your own animal call MP3s.

While sneaking up and startling one—or even dropping one off a cliff for that matter—might work out all right for an animated roadrunner, the actual creature in question is a far more cunning nuisance as far as humanity is concerned.

As such the reason to hunt them is myriad. Their population is prone to huge booms. When it does these adaptable predators turn into killer raccoons. Afraid of little, and willing to visit your home; to eat your garbage, livestock, pet food, or even pets.

And if you’re up to the challenge of hunting ‘em, they make a decent roast or stew.

But how do I lure in a clever and observant predator? What calls work best? Electric or mouth? Rabbits in distress, or mating season?

Tragically, there is no dynamite on this list, but we’ve the Acme order for you certified super geniuses who don’t intend to share your game with other predators.

2020's Best Coyote Calls Reviews

Editor’s Choice: Johnny Stewart Electronic Predator Call

Loud, compact, and ready to use in the field. Pre-programmed with 10 authentic predator luring calls, plus 256 Mb of storage for your own animal call MP3s.

Top 5 Best Coyote Call Reviews

The Johnny Stewart Electronic Predator Call is the most pelt for your purchasing power. With its 10 preloaded calls—including jackrabbit buffet, grown cottontail, canine puppies, Johnny’s Ky-Ki, chicken in distress, yellowhammer, distressed kitten, fawn bleating, coyote & raccoon, and coyote pup in distress—and 256mb of mp3 storage for more calls, you’ve got a versatile electronic call that can be used for many different hunts.

The PT-6 Grim Speaker GS-2 comes with a remote control (that fits nicely into the housing of the speaker for storage) with a hundred-meter range, so one can run through their calls and change volume from the comfort of one’s stand. 

At 110dB max output, coyotes are bound to hear this beauty from miles around.

Both the remote and the speaker require batteries, and they are not included, so plan accordingly. You don’t want to get out in the field with your new coyote call to find yourself empty-handed at the cost of a coffee’s worth of batteries.

Primos Coyote Bear Buster Call is a no-frills yet fully functional coyote call in the hands of an experienced gamesman. Its base sound reproduces the distressed bawl or bleat of a juvenile deer—a favorite game of almost all North American predators—but a skilled caller can use louder of softer calls to mimic cottontails in danger. With practice, you can lure any carnivore—from bobcats to bears, and anything in between—or even a worried doe.

The engineers at Primos purpose built this unit out of rugged materials to handle the worst Mother Nature could throw at your hunt. 

Like all mouth calls, volume is achieved by the amount of wind you generate, and practice is required for any progress, but this call is as easy to practice with quietly as it is fun to practice with loudly. One might do that out in the wilds though, or else some annoyed family member might try to hunt you

In short, it’s the perfect stocking stuffer for the hunter or country folk in your life.

The GEN2 GC320 Electronic Call/Decoy Combo from Icotec will bring coyotes in from all angles and for all of the reasons. If its incredible list of calls—coyote female, coyote male, coyote pup in distress, coyote yip, coyote howl, timber wolf pups, gray fox in distress, red fox in distress, cottontail in distress, jackrabbit in distress, red squirrel in distress, baby bunny in distress, mouse voles, fawn in distress, orphaned goat, chicken in distress, rat in distress, woodpecker in distress, blackbird in distress, feral cat in distress, robin in distress, baby crow in distress, raccoon pup in distress, and  raccoon twitters—isn’t quite enough by itself, this unit comes ready to compensate.

Equipped with a bit of decoy pelt attached to a cable rigged to a spinning motor. From any predatory distance that is easily an animal in heat or terror. More specific hunters might even trim the pelt a pinch to produce the desired effect.

On top of all of that, this unit comes with a remote control that works over 300 meters, WITHOUT requiring a line of sight. Allowing both greater versatility in where one wants to position their speaker, and the opportunity to switch sounds based on the situation. 

Primos 372 “The Third Degree” Xtra Loud Cottontail Predator Call by Randy Anderson is specifically engineered to sound like a cottontail rabbit screaming for help. Which is to say quite loudly and with a very natural airy rasp. Little will summon those opportunistic devils quite as well as a free busted bunny buffet.

Like all mouth calls (and most other skills) The Third Degree requires practice to use well. The engineers at Primos manufactured this unit to mimic one call exceptionally, and in that they were completely successful.

Volume is achieved by the amount of air you can push, and practice is required for any progress, but this call is as simple to practice with as it is to wield against the wilds. And while it’s designed for coyotes and other cottontail predators, a number of users have found that deer can’t help but investigate the ruckus this call produces.

Since it’s a mouth call, one is ready to get to work right out of the box.

The Cass Creek Ergo Predator Call is designed to be pocket sized, simple to use, and a breeze to carry on your hunt. Bringing game in close with five essential and authentic calls—Coyote Howl, Cottontail Rabbit, Jackrabbit Distress, Pup Yips, and Fawn Distress.

The unit’s ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand, allowing single hand/eyes-free use. Its EZ thumb dial allows for on/off sound adjustment and an instant interrupt to hit the killswitch on a call.

Its smaller speaker packed into its convenient shape and size, works great in close fields and along tree lines, though the sound might not project as well as necessary for larger, more open spaces.

All that said, for the hunter stalking along, not wanting to unlimber a mouth call nor set up a lure and decoy, this unit provides a lot of options, without much effort or costing a fortune.

It won’t work perfectly for everyone, but for those looking for a handheld call that won’t distract them from their field, this little gem checks all the boxes.

Ditch the Kitsch to Drop Coyotes

No two hunts or hunters are the same, but put a Johnny Stewart Electronic Predator Call in the hands of The Roadrunner, and Wile Ethelbert Coyote might have been the prey.

He’d be in a far sight more danger than from giant slingshots, roller skates, and high explosives leastways.

Besides, those can be hard to have shipped to you anymore, and success on the hunt is arguably more exciting than just having the wild dangerous fun one can with dynamite, rockets, and a hang glider. (Well. Maybe not more fun, but there will be more survivors at least) So you might as well order one of these units in time for the nighttime coyote season (Starts October 15th).

Otherwise, you might be stuck sneaking and meeping, and I don’t know about you but I’m not fast enough for that nonsense. 

Who can tell me when ACME changed its name it Amazon?

Best Coyote Call Overall

Loud, compact, and ready to use in the field. Pre-programmed with 10 authentic predator luring calls, plus 256 Mb of storage for your own animal call MP3s.

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