2020's Best Duck Hunting Waders Reviews

OUR TOP CHOICE: TideWe Hunting Wader

Great combination of protective, durable, and functional. Pocket count, type, and location make these waders an efficient coverall for any winter weather waterfowler. All in the reliable Realtree max 5 that so many swear by.

There is little in the world of hunting that is as rewarding and satisfying as setting up before daybreak and bagging your limit of those majestic soaring jerks. (If you know, you get it.)

There is even less in that wheelhouse quite as disheartening as coming home empty handed, unless it’s coming home empty handed, with underpants soaked in nearly freezing, brackish water.

The solution is to keep your mobile meat machine directly out of whatever pond, stream, river, lake, or other body of water you’ve decided to post up on.

Be it chest deep in a frozen hellscape or just keeping your socks dry, we’ll walk you through the best duck hunting waders in time for this upcoming waterfowl season.

Best Duck Hunting Wader

Editor’s Choice: TideWe Hunting Wader

Great combination of protective, durable, and functional. Pocket count, type, and location make these waders an efficient coverall for any winter weather waterfowler. All in the reliable Realtree max 5 that so many swear by.

Top 5 Best Duck Hunting Waders Reviews

The TideWe Hunting Wader is an incredibly warm and 100% waterproof coverall. 1,200 gram Thinsulate in the boots, and 5 mm of neoprene throughout keeps you toasty in any frosty pond or river.

As rough and tumble as it is comfortable. Cross-hatch facing on the exterior stitching and armor weld double-stitched and SEALED SEAMS guarantees waterproofing and as well as makes for a hardier design. The built-in rubber boot is comfortable and can be worn with or without socks. The boot tread pattern provides you with solid traction on wet and muddy surfaces. Sort of crucial in waders.

Pocketed like it was designed by Rob Liefield.  You can keep your ammunition, choke tubes, calls, and other small accessories close. They have included a quick-detach shell pouch with 12 shell loops and the front-pocket incorporates a pass-through, fleece-lined hand warmer pocket. The top-entry storage pouch has a storm-flap and three front compartments for convenient access to additional tools. The hand warmer pocket even has a heat-pack pocket that hangs freely at your fingertips.

Best yet, it has a one year warranty so your first full season is risk-free.

Frogg Toggs Grand Passage duck hunting waders with its lightweight breathable shell and removable EVA insert really makes for a great pair of all-weather waders. Heavy-duty, abrasion-resistant nylon in the shin, knee, and seat areas add seasons of wear to this coverall.

The lightweight boot—fully lined with neoprene—is designed to keep you high and dry while you introduce ducks to wet work.

The Dri2Pore three layer nylon shell is well engineered. The outer layer is durable, breathable, lightweight, abrasion-resistant and supple. The middle portion is waterproof for extreme water holdout, and is ultra-flexible and lightweight. The innermost layer is composed of soft, and cool micro-textured tricot fabric, reducing skin contact for a light, cool wearing experience.

Well suited for the task, this model takes advantage of the fabric by adding pockets galore. A zippered flip-out security chest pocket, two removable neoprene 7-count shell holders that slide onto each side of the wader belt, and 11 more shell loops.

No duck wader coveralls are worth their salt without the internal fleece-lined hand warming pocket. Frogg Toggs has you and your mitts covered. Among other things.

In Realtree max5 and mossy oak bottomland.

The Lacrosse Men’s Brush Tuff Extreme ATS 1600G Wader is a great setup for waterfowlers in areas where the temperature can vary drastically over the same hunt.

Before the sun is up—under heavy, cold, wet, fog—it’s easy to appreciate the heavyweight insulating 5 millimeters of fleece-lined neoprene through the upper portion of the coverall. 

When day breaks and the birds start falling, the double-stitched and taped seams keep you dry to the bone. 1,600 grams of Thinsulate ultra insulation, reinforced multilayer rubber at the vamp, and abrasion resistant toe cap make trudging out to collect as comfortable as it is satisfying. 

Then on your way out in the heat of the day, and ideally loaded down with downed fowl, the upper can be easily turned down and the buckled straps used as a belt. 

Hand warmer, top loading pocket, and built-in shell holder provide all the storage a waterfowler expects, while prepared for weather that can be unexpected.

The XTRATUF Legacy Series 12 is a great simple option for anyone stomping shallows, high dewy fields, or wetlands, and only in need of a trustworthy waterproof wading boot.

The triple-dipped latex neoprene of the XTRATUF boot is 100% waterproof and ozone, acid & chemical resistant. Slip-resistant, non-marking Chevron outsole provides excellent traction in extreme conditions on any surface.

Hand-layered construction allows for a greater degree of flex and provides strength at critical stress points. Making for a much softer, lighter and more pliable boot than one fabricated from ordinary rubber.

Moisture-wicking Breathe-O-Prene insoles absorb shocks and have a breathable, open cell structure to reduce insole drying time. This helps prevent the buildup of bacteria that cause sweaty boot funk.™️ 

Toe & heel guards protect against abrasions; heel counter secures the foot to prevent movement in the boot.

Move well and keep your wheels dry without breaking budget, with the Legacy series XTRATUF Wading Boot.

Need to get a little deeper than a boot might allow, but also prefer to be able to strip dry in a hurry? Checking multiple locations and don’t want to bring all of the wetlands home with you?

Little fits that bill better than hip waders.

FISHINGSIR Fishing Hip Waders launched this season with a hardier yet softer fabric. Up to 30% lighter than older rubber waders.

Specifically selected nylon two-ply waterproof fabric and an advanced water intrusion resistance process helps prevent water and dirt from getting into waders. Keeping you out hunting and fishing longer and more comfortably. 

Each unit is hand tested for performance, so you can rest assured as your birds rest eternal. 

Wide thigh circumference allows for a great range of motion and the adjustable belt loop and takeup strap makes for comfortable wading.

Designed to keep one dry and warm even through the toughest work or sport scenario. Fishing, hunting, fowling, farm or ranch work, or just any messy situation you might get into. 

FishingSir values their buyers and their product to the tune of one-year quality assurance guaranteed even on the least costly waders on this list.

Duck, Duck, Goose. Stay warm and cut loose.

With autumnal migration getting underway, we’re apt to see over four billion birds fly overhead in the next scant few months. That means waterfowl season is just around the proverbial corner.

If you want to take advantage of that, and stuff your deep freeze with duck, goose, coot, merganser, teal, crane, and snipe, you know you’re getting wet.

Whether your boots leak, your old waders are torn, or especially if you are just getting into this fantastically satisfying hunt/hobby; now is a great time to get the best deal on your gear.

Be it simple, rugged, XTRATUF boots to stomp out and collect your bird, or the latest in weatherproof chest waders, like the TideWe Hunting Wader.

Stay warm all day in the harshest conditions and rest assuredly in the knowledge (and your blind) that you didn’t have to call it early or walk out empty handed.

Good hunting fellow waterfowlers! If it flies, it dies!

Best Duck Hunting Wader Overall

Great combination of protective, durable, and functional. Pocket count, type, and location make these waders an efficient coverall for any winter weather waterfowler. All in the reliable Realtree max 5 that so many swear by.

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