7 Best Glock Trigger Reviews

OUR TOP CHOICE:ZEV Technologies Fulcrum Adjustable Ultimate Trigger

ZEV Technologies is a well-known Washington-based manufacturer of Glock parts such as slides, triggers, and barrels. ZEV was the first to introduce aftermarket Glock trigger upgrade kits. Shooters of all kinds use their products, from casual civilian enthusiasts to world-class competition shooters such as KC Eusebio. In short, ZEV Technologies is a brand you can trust.

As good as Glocks are out of the factory, they are not perfect for everyone. Fortunately, there is a broad range of aftermarket parts and options compatible with Glocks. If you dislike a stock part on your pistol, you can usually buy an aftermarket part to replace it and make it perfect for you.

One of the most commonly replaced stock parts is the trigger. While most would agree it’s usable, the stock trigger is often criticized for being less than adequate.

This article looks at the best Glock triggers you can buy to upgrade your Glock pistols.

Best Glock Trigger Reviews

Editor’s Choice: ZEV Technologies Fulcrum Adjustable Ultimate Trigger

The ZEV Technologies Fulcrum Adjustable Ultimate Trigger is ZEV’s most complete and fully-featured trigger upgrade kit. If you must only have one, this package is the best aftermarket Glock trigger upgrade you can buy.

Top 7 Best Glock Trigger Reviews

Founded in 2008 in the city of Oxnard, California, ZEV Technologies is a leader in the domain of high-end, high-quality aftermarket Glock parts. Its products include slides, barrels, magazine base plates, and of course, triggers.

The Fulcrum Adjustable Ultimate Trigger kit is a complete package including a new trigger shoe, connector and bar, a new skeletonized firing pin complete with firing pin safety, all requisite springs, and a set of adjustment wrenches.

Every essential aspect of your trigger is adjustable: Pre-travel, over-travel, and trigger pull weight (from 3 pounds to 5 pounds), making it one of the most versatile and adaptable trigger upgrade systems you can purchase for your Glock pistols.

Whether you intend to use the Fulcrum as an upgrade for your concealed carrying pistol or as one of many other modifications for your competition shooting gun, the ZEV Fulcrum is adaptable for any purpose.

No matter the application or the weight setting, this product provides you with a smooth trigger pull, with no creep, a clean and crisp break, and a short reset, all of which can help you shoot faster and more accurately.

Who Should Get This? 

You should get this if you need a fully-adjustable Glock trigger upgrade kit that is adaptable for all uses and purposes.

You’ve probably asked yourself whether you need a trigger upgrade kit with all the bells and whistles; after all, they’re not always affordable.

If the only thing you’re looking to improve is the feel and comfort of your trigger, and you’re happy with the OEM trigger pull weight on your Glock pistols, the Overwatch Precision Polymer DAT Trigger Kit is the upgrade for you. This item is designed to address your needs for a better Glock trigger without hurting your wallet and is available for a wide range of models and calibers from Gen 1 to Gen 4.

The name of the game with this product is simplicity. This kit includes a new trigger shoe and safety and a polished OEM trigger bar. It is designed to use your pistol’s existing springs and connector, and as such, will not affect your trigger pull weight. 

The trigger shoe is lightweight and made of polymer, employing a flat-faced profile and featuring a pre-travel reduction of up to 20%. This design increases your leverage and provides a clean and crisp break without reducing safety.

Who Should Get This? 

You should get this if you want a simple, easy to install trigger upgrade for your Glock Gen 1-4 that improves shooting comfort without compromising safety.

The fifth generation of Glock pistols has introduced a fair amount of improvements to the stock pistols, and many feel that it is the best generation yet. However, even though one of these improvements is an upgraded trigger assembly, supposedly lighter and crisper than previous-generation Glocks, many still feel that these stock triggers could use some improvements.

If you own a Gen 5 Glock and you’ve come to the same conclusion, then the Apex Tactical Action Enhancement Kit for Gen 5 Glocks is likely to suit your needs. The company advertises this product as the one to get if you’re “leaving the stock trigger behind.”

This simple-to-install drop-in kit is compatible with most models on the Gen 5 lineup and includes a flat trigger shoe and a trigger bar. Although this system is designed to use your existing springs and connector, it reduces your trigger pull weight by about 1 pound and significantly decreases trigger pre-travel and reset distance.

The Apex Tactical Enhancement Kit is compatible with nearly every Gen 5 9mm pistol, and even the .22 LR Glock 44.

Who Should Get This? 

You should get this if you own a Gen 5 9mm Glock pistol (or a Glock 44) and you’re looking for a simple and easy trigger upgrade.

CMC Triggers is a Texas-based company known for its quality AR-15 and AR-10 triggers, but did you know they also make Glock triggers?

The CMC Triggers Drop-In Flat Trigger Kit for Glock 43 is one of its Glock trigger products. The company states it, “Replicates all the superior traits from the AR platform” triggers they also make.

This product includes the company’s patented Signature Flat trigger design. This design is a flat-faced trigger profile with a toe, intended to allow the shooter’s finger to stay in the same position between each shot, improving accuracy and speed of follow-up shots.

The trigger pull weight is reduced to about 4.5 pounds, which is lighter yet still safe, particularly if you intend to use this trigger kit to upgrade your concealed carry Glock 43.

This kit includes a trigger shoe and safety, a trigger bar, and a trigger housing complete with caliber-specific ejector. Installation is relatively simple, very similar to any other drop-in kit, and completely reversible, requiring no permanent alterations to your pistol.

Who Should Get This? 

You should get this if you use a Glock 43 for concealed carrying, and you need a high-quality trigger upgrade kit for this model.

If you own a Gen 4 or older Glock 19, you have access to a wide variety of aftermarket options for trigger upgrades. However, there aren’t that many that improve the trigger without changing the trigger pull weight. Many shooters feel that having too light a trigger can be unsafe in duty or concealed carrying pistols without a manual safety.

The Grey Ghost Precision Combat Trigger was explicitly designed to be as best of an improvement as possible on the OEM trigger without changing the stock trigger weight – about 5.5 pounds.

This kit is compatible with a wide variety of models from Gen 1 to Gen 4, but I recommend it on a Glock 19, especially if the G19 is part of your everyday carry. It includes a trigger shoe, trigger safety, and a trigger bar, designed to interface with factory Glock springs and connectors.

All parts in this kit are made of hard-anodized, aircraft-grade 6061-T6 Aluminum. The trigger shoe possesses a gradual flat face intended to optimize finger placement, helping you remain accurate and on target.

Who Should Get This? 

You should get this if you concealed carry a Gen 4 or older Glock 19, and you’re looking for a trigger upgrade kit that does not change trigger pull weight.

First released on the market in 2018, the ZEV PRO Flat Face trigger is the result of years of research and development at ZEV Technologies.

This product is a complete trigger upgrade kit, including a trigger shoe and safety, a trigger bar, a housing, a connector, a firing pin safety with a spring, and a striker spring.

All parts in the ZEV PRO kit are entirely made out of durable, aircraft-grade aluminum and employ a proprietary trigger shoe, trigger bar, and connector. The riveted, flat trigger shoe has a wide surface area for the fingertip to press on, improving comfort. With a crisp break and a short reset, the ZEV PRO makes it easier to make quick and accurate follow-up shots.

Installation is easy and completely reversible; this is a drop-in replacement kit that requires no permanent modification to your pistol. It is compatible with the majority of Glock pistols across all generations and calibers.

Who Should Get This? 

You should get this if you’re looking for a flat trigger for your Gen 3 or Gen 4 Glock made by one of the oldest and most successful manufacturers of Glock triggers.

Two of the most popular competition shooting organizations in America are the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) and the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA).

The various rules and requirements between both organizations can sometimes make it difficult to use the same firearms across all divisions. The Glock Triggers VOGEL Competition Trigger System was designed to address the needs of competition shooters.

This trigger system kit is approved for use in all applicable USPSA and IDPA divisions, including IDPA Stock Service Pistol and USPSA Production.

The VOGEL kit, named after and endorsed by world champion Robert G. Vogel, features a set of firing pin springs, allowing you to customize and fine-tune your Glock’s trigger pull weight in 0.5-pound increments, from 3.5 to 5.0 pounds.

All VOGEL kit parts are smoothed and polished, offering light and clean trigger breaks, a short trigger reset, and a smooth, comfortable trigger that will enhance your ability to make fast, accurate follow-up shots. 

Who Should Get This? 

You should get this if you want a highly-customizable trigger customization kit to improve your performance during USPSA and IDPA competition shooting matches.

Best Glock Trigger Overall

The trigger is perhaps the most critical interface between gun and shooter. A trigger that doesn’t feel good or comfortable to pull results in worse accuracy and speed.

Sparing no expense in upgrading your Glock trigger is worth every penny, and there simply isn’t a better choice than the ZEV Technologies Fulcrum Adjustable Ultimate Trigger. Adaptable for all uses, from duty to concealment, this is undoubtedly ZEV’s very best Glock trigger from casual to competition shooting.

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