7 Best Glock Upgrades Reviews

OUR TOP CHOICE: Glock Triggers VOGEL Competition Trigger System

Most people who have had the opportunity to fire a Glock handgun know that its trigger, while functional, is nothing to write home about. One of the first parts/assemblies that new Glock owners often upgrade is the trigger. The VOGEL Competition Trigger System provides the kind of trigger break that a gun of the Glock’s caliber deserves. 

Introduced in 1982, the Glock pistol had a tumultuous beginning. From the Austrian Army’s adoption to being demonized as the plastic pistol that could supposedly pass through X-ray machines undetected (it can’t), Glock inspires devotion and a certain mystique. 

Today, the Glock is one of the most popular handguns for a reason. Reliable in the extreme, simple to operate, affordable, and incredibly rugged, there’s a Glock to suit every need and occasion from concealed carry and competitive shooting to hunting. But Glock “Perfection” may be something of an exaggeration — there’s always room for improvement. 

If you’re looking for the best Glock upgrades to take your pistol to the next level, the following options are excellent contenders.

Best Glock Upgrades Reviews

Editor’s Choice: Glock Triggers VOGEL Competition Trigger System

Crisp with a pull weight of 3.5–5.0 pounds and adjustable in 1.5-pound increments, the VOGEL has been polished to ensure smooth interaction between parts. Buy the VOGEL Competition Trigger System, and you’ll be ahead of the average Glock owner.

Top 7 Best Glock Upgrades Reviews

One of the parts that most needs to be upgraded on the Glock handgun, regardless of variant, is the trigger. The stock trigger has been described, variously, as “spongy” and “squishy.” 

The drop-in VOGEL Competition Trigger System, made by Glock Triggers, is just what we need. Endorsed by its namesake, USPSA and IPSC national champion Robert Vogel, this kit substitutes a light, crisp trigger break with a short reset to allow faster and more accurate follow-up shots. It’s a crucial upgrade for either winning formal matches or self-defense

With a spring set, the VOGEL allows you to adjust the trigger weight from 3.5 to 5.0 pounds in 1.5-pound increments. All parts are polished to a mirror shine, ensuring smooth operation as the parts glide against each other. A hex key/Allen key is provided for over-travel adjustment. 

As Glock Triggers proudly proclaims, the VOGEL is approved by the IDPA and USPSA for use in all divisions

Who Should Get This? 

The OEM Glock trigger could use some improvement. If you want to do it yourself, the VOGEL Competition Trigger System substitutes a lighter, crisper, adjustable drop-in replacement.

After the trigger, we should take another look at the sights the Glock ships with. The fixed OEM combat sights are commonly replaced because they’re made from plastic. If you’re anything like me, you’re also not a fan of the U-shaped white marking, which is sometimes referred to as a “goal post.” They’re adequate, but we can do better

Since the Glock is one of the most popular defensive handguns on the market, a set of replacement metallic night sights seems like a good idea.

That’s where the Trijicon HD Night Sights shine. Tritium illuminated, the HD Night Sights increase the front and rear sights’ visibility — helping you rapidly sight picture in low light. The photoluminescence of the sights is a product of their glass lamps, which contain pressurized tritium gas. 

The half-life of tritium is about 12.5 years, which means that you can get well over a decade of bright night sight use from these sights by Trijicon.

Who Should Get This? 

The stock plastic sights on a Glock leave something to be desired. You should get this set if you’d prefer the durability of metal and the glow-in-the-dark tritium capability

Third on our list of parts to upgrade is the slide stop lever. Many shooters find that the stock slide stop lever that every Glock ships with doesn’t provide enough surface area for their thumb to activate it, especially when reloading quickly consistently. After the trigger and the sights, this is worth addressing. In this case, Glock is offering the upgrade — an extended slide stop lever. 

A drop-in part, the Extended Slide Stop Lever replaces the relatively flat and serrated stock lever, which is more of a button, with an extended post that can be depressed quickly and reliably. Made from steel, the Extended Slide Stop Lever is subjected to Glock’s factory Tenifer finish, a kind of ferritic nitrocarburizing that protects against wear and corrosion. 

This part has rounded edges and is contoured to ensure your thumb grips it and not your clothing or holster. 

When fractions of a second count, you don’t want to swipe your thumb across the slide stop lever and find the slide is still locked open. 

Who Should Get This? 

If you’ve ever failed to depress the stock slide stop lever because there wasn’t enough surface area to swipe your thumb across, this is a simple upgrade that works.

The Glock 43 is a slim, single-stack subcompact designed for deep concealment, and in that role, it performs admirably. However, by reducing the pistol’s size for concealed carry, you sacrifice both gripping surface and capacity. 

One of the best Glock 43 upgrades is one that returns some of the capacity and gripping surface. The Firepower Base Pad, made by Taran Tactical Innovations, does precisely that. Made from CNC-machined hard-anodized aluminum and available in three colors — black, flat black, and titanium gray — this base pad increases your magazine capacity by one or two rounds, depending on the model. It also adds some extra length for your little finger. 

Requiring no special tools to install, the 1-piece Firepower Base Pad, using Taran’s patented push-pin design, simply replaces the existing magazine base/floor plate. The +1 model uses the stock factory spring, while the +2 model uses a spring that’s 10% stronger.  

Who Should Get This? 

You should get this upgrade if you’re carrying a Glock 43 because it’s slim and small but want one or two extra rounds and some additional purchase on the grip.

This conversion barrel is one of the best Glock 22 upgrades available.

The Match Grade Conversion Barrel, sold by Brownells, allows you to convert your Glock 22, chambered in .40 S&W, to the lower-recoiling and less expensive 9×19mm Luger cartridge. 

Made from corrosion-resistant 416R stainless steel, the Brownells barrel is machined to exacting tolerances to ensure a tight, repeatable lockup. This is sure to boost the pistol’s inherent or mechanical accuracy. Whatever corrosion the stainless steel can’t fight off on its own is kept at bay by the black nitride finish. 

A drop-in replacement part, all you’ll need to complete the conversion is a Glock 17 9mm magazine (Glock 19 when converting a 23). 

A conversion barrel is also one of the best Glock 23 upgrades, and Brownells offers one for that variant as well. 

Who Should Get This? 

Do you own a .40 S&W Glock 22 or 23? If you’re interested in converting it to 9mm, Brownells offers a drop-in conversion barrel.

Maybe you’re a competitive target shooter who wants to get the most out of your gun, or you want to attach a sound suppressor and need a barrel with a threaded muzzle. In either case, a different barrel is in order. 

The Faxon Firearms Threaded Compact Barrel is one of the best Glock 19 upgrades you can find. Designed for the compact variant, this barrel is machined from 4150 carbon steel, which has been stress-relieved three times. This barrel has precision-machined engagement surfaces, ensuring a repeatable lockup to maximize inherent accuracy. To resist both wear and corrosion, the barrel is nitrided black. 

The barrel has a standard 1-in-10” rifling twist rate, which Faxon advertises as being suitable for stabilizing hard-cast lead bullets — something Glock warns explicitly against using in its factory barrels. 

As the name suggests, this barrel has a threaded muzzle designed to accommodate various accessories, from muzzle brakes/compensators that reduce recoil and muzzle flip to sound suppressors. 

Who Should Get This? 

If you’re looking to upgrade the accuracy of your Glock 19, or you want to try compensating or suppressing it, the Faxon barrel is a good choice.

As with the slide stop lever, some shooters find the stock magazine catch on the Glock doesn’t offer enough material to reliably hit with the thumb, especially when done quickly. To remedy this, Ghost has introduced its Gen 4 X-Release — a drop-in replacement extended magazine catch.  

In many handguns with a horizontal push-button magazine catch, many shooters find it necessary to rotate the pistol in the strong hand to reach the catch with the thumb, altering the firing grip and taking the sights off target. 

The X-Release allows you to activate the magazine catch while keeping your sights on target and your wrist straight during reloads. You also won’t have to modify or replace the frame.

This is arguably one of the best Glock 17 upgrades, as it enables the competitive target shooter to reload faster — a plus when every fraction of a second matters.

Who Should Get This? 

You should get this extended magazine catch if you need more surface area to hit with your thumb, or you don’t want to break your firing grip during reloads.

Best Glock Upgrades Overall

The VOGEL Competition Trigger System by Glock Triggers is the best upgrade on the list. As anyone who’s fired a Glock can attest, regardless of whether they think it’s good enough, the trigger can stand to be lighter and crisper

The VOGEL is a trigger system endorsed by a national shooting sports champion that takes a light trigger pull, crisp break, and short reset and combines them with user adjustability, both for weight and over-travel.

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