2020's Best Hunting Shotgun Reviews

OUR TOP CHOICE: Mossberg 500 Field/Deer Combo

If you want to grab a great shotgun without spending much time struggling with all the options, get the Mossberg 500 Field/Deer Combo. It’s affordable, and it comes with two barrels, so you can use your shotgun for multiple types of hunting.

Hunting season always seems too short. You need a good shotgun to make the most of it.

Fortunately, there are tons of options. And, a shotgun is a really affordable firearm. You’ll be able to get one before you miss hunting season without blowing your budget.

SPOILER—if you want to grab a great shotgun without spending much time struggling with all the options, get the Mossberg 500 Field/Deer Combo. It’s affordable, and it comes with two barrels, so you can use your shotgun for multiple types of hunting.

Best Hunting Shotgun

If you’re the sort who enjoys perusing and considering all the options, we’ve got options for you. We’ll talk about all the best hunting shotguns and help you make a smart decision.

Our best hunting shotgun is up for review first. The remaining shotguns will be given their marks in order of price. The most affordable shotguns are up first. The further you scroll, the more expensive they get.

Let’s check the spread on all these shotguns.

Editor’s Choice: Mossberg 500 Field/Deer Combo

The Mossberg 500 Field/Deer Combo delivers maximum value for any shooter, and is certainly capable enough for any type of hunting.

Top 7 Best Hunting Shotgun Reviews

The Mossberg 500 Field/Deer Combo delivers maximum value for any shooter, and is certainly capable enough for any type of hunting.

First, this is a combo package that includes two barrels. There’s a 24 inch and a 28 inch barrel. By simply changing the barrel, you can adapt your shotgun to short to medium range hunting and long range hunting.

Each barrel has appropriate sights for the distance. The short barrel has adjustable rifle sights. The long barrel has dual bead sights. So, you get the best aiming system for the range with each barrel.

If you prefer a simpler aiming system, there’s a full length rib along the top of the 28 inch barrel for intuitive unsighted fire.

The stock is wood, which gives this shotgun a classic look. However, it’s not camouflage, which may not fit your hunting setup.

All the metal hardware is blued for corrosion resistance. It’s a strong enough finish. But, there are more durable finishes on the market.

On the ergonomics side, this shotgun has a nice thick rubber recoil pad which makes it much more comfortable to shoot.

Overall, this shotgun is a great deal. Even though it doesn’t have all the touches that make for a dedicated hunting shotgun, it has all the performance you need at an excellent price point.

The Savage Arms 320 Field & Security Combo is extremely well priced, and it gives you an incredibly versatile platform.

There are two barrels included in this package: an 18.5 inch barrel and a 28 inch barrel. The 18.5 inch barrel makes your shotgun a solid home defense tool. While the 28 inch barrel is ideal for almost any sort of hunting. Even though a more intermediate length might be more ideal for some types of hunting, but it will get the job done in any situation.

Both barrels are equipped with bead sights. The sighting system is perfect for both home defense scenarios and any sort of bird hunting.

The barrels and the receiver are both finished in matte black for corrosion resistance. And, the stock is synthetic, which is less susceptible to rot and water damage. This shotgun is exceptionally durable. However, it has a more tactical aesthetic, which may not be your style. However, the matte finish reflects no light, and won’t disturb your camouflage.

The attached tube magazine holds 5 rounds. This shotgun is more compact than a more traditional hunting shotgun. So, it’s easy to handle. Some hunters may miss that 6th shell, though.

Lastly, the rubber recoil pad is adequate. But, it’s far from plush. The recoil impulse might be sharper than some shooters like.

But, all in all, this shotgun is an amazing deal for the money. If you’re on a budget, this is a great way to get what you need to get out during hunting season.

The Stoeger Model P3000 Pump-Action Shotgun aims to bring the offer the most value for hunters, specifically.

It’s fitted with a 28 inch, vent-rib barrel. It’s long enough for any sort of fowl hunting or clay shooting.

And, the barrel is fitted with a fiber-optic red-bar front sight that makes it much easier to aim during early morning or dusk hunting.

The finish is anodized rather than blued. So, the finish is nicely corrosion and wear resistant. Additionally, the stock is synthetic. Overall, the construction gives this shotgun an impressive lifespan

Inside, there’s a rotary bolt that smooths out the pump action and increases reliability

The fixed magazine capacity is 4 rounds. On one hand, this might seem a bit low. But, it meets the vast majority of hunting regulations.

Lastly, this shotgun comes with a camouflage finish that helps you stay out of sight until you pull the trigger.

All things considered, this is an excellent shotgun for those who want an affordable, dedicated hunting shotgun.

You may know the Remington Model 870 Express as the classic police shotgun from the 80’s, 90’s, and today. However, it makes a strong hunting platform, as well.

This model is fitted with a 28 inch barrel, which is ideal for hunting and clay shooting (though, not as great for the tactical stuff the police used this shotgun for).

And, the barrel is equipped with a dual bead sight, which is perfect for tracking targets and intuitive aiming.

The pump runs on twin-action bars that prevent any binding during operation. And, the receiver is machined from steel rather than aluminum for a longer lifespan and increased reliability. This is a shotgun that will serve you dependably for decades.

The durable construction enables this shotgun to handle anything from 2 and ¾ loads to 3” magnums. So, you can hunt just about anything with this shotgun.

This model is equipped with a synthetic stock, which helps keep the weight down and adds weather resistance. However, the steel construction makes this shotgun a tad heavier than a shotgun with an aluminum receiver.

Even with the extra weight, this is still an excellent hunting shotgun that will operate reliably for as long as you own it.

Weatherby has been a manufacturer of high-quality firearms for decades. And, the Weatherby Inc. PA-08 Synthetic 28 Inch Shotgun is designed for hunters who need a shotgun that enables them to consistently get hits at maximum shotgun range.

This model is equipped with a 28 inch barrel. It’s the longest viable barrel for hunting, which pushes your maximum effective range to the limit.

The barrel is also chrome lined to add accuracy. And, the barrel features a vented top rib, tipped with a brass bead, to improve intuitive aiming and cooling.  

Also, there are 3 application-specific choke tubes. So, you can adapt your shotgun to any hunting requirements. All this makes for a superbly accurate shotgun that works for even the longest range shooting.

All the metal on this shotgun is finished in matte black to give more corrosion and wear resistance than a traditional blued finish. The matte finish also eliminates any glare that might ruin your camouflage.

Additionally, the received is machined from aircraft grade aluminum. This machined construction adds rigidity and reliability without increasing the weight.

The tube magazine capacity is 4 rounds. It’s plenty for hunting and complies with most hunting regulations. However, this is a semi-automatic shotgun. So, four rounds will go very fast.

This isn’t the least expensive shotgun on the market. But, it’s incredibly well constructed and gives you some of the best long range shotgun precision available.

The Winchester SXP Waterfowl Hunter is designed specifically for hunting waterfowl, as the name indicates.

This shotgun is fitted with a 26 inch barrel. It gives you plenty of accuracy for hunting flying birds. However, the intermediate length is easier to handle and swing with minimal effort.

And, the chamber is 3 and ½ inches. So, it can handle the magnum rounds that maximize your effective range. The barrel is also tipped with red fiber-optic front site for quick, easy aiming, even in low light conditions.

The bore and chamber are both hard chrome plated to improve wear and corrosion resistance, and maintain the accuracy of your shotgun for the entire lifespan.

Inside, the rotating bolt is black chrome plated, which adds more reliability and wear resistance than traditional bluing.

On the outside, this model is finished with camouflage. So, it will fit right in with your color scheme and keep you out of sight.

The only real drawback to this shotgun is the magazine capacity. It holds 3 shells in the tube. It’s decent. However, 3 rounds runs out quick, even in waterfowl hunting. 

This shotgun might trend toward the high end of the price spectrum. But, the technology applied to the action and internals delivers an incredible degree of reliability and longevity.

If you want the best setup you can buy, get the Mossberg 835 Turkey/Waterfowl Combo. It’s an exceptionally high quality shotgun. And, it comes with two barrels to adapt to any hunting situation.

The barrels are 24 inches and 28 inches. These two lengths cover the whole gamut of hunting ranges.

Both barrels are equipped with a vented rib for easy, intuitive aiming and improved cooling. These barrels are also equipped with fiber optic sights to improve aiming in low light conditions. These features make it easy to track and sight birds, regardless of where or what you’re hunting.

And, this shotgun is built to handle magnum loads, for maximum long range effectiveness.

Also, the tube holds 6 rounds. So, you’ve got a lot more shells in the pipe if you happen to miss. However, you may have to plug your magazine tube to meet some hunting regulations.

Lastly, this shotgun is finished with a camouflage finish to break up the outline and maintain your concealment.

All in all, this is an incredibly well-built and designed shotgun that’s more than worth the price you pay for it.

Setting Up Your Blind

No matter what sort of game you hunt, your shotgun is the central piece of your hunting kit. It’s critical to have a shotgun that’s easy to use, reliable, and delivers the accuracy you need to have a successful season, every year.

If you want a solid shotgun that will meet any and all of your hunting needs, get the Mossberg 500 Field/Deer Combo. It’s reasonably priced, and adaptable to nearly any hunting situation.

You’ve seen the best options, now. If you’re still using your grandad’s shotgun, or you just need a good shotgun before the season opens, it’s time to step up and get a shotgun that will make every season a hunting success.

Best Hunting Shotgun Overall

The Mossberg 500 Field/Deer Combo delivers maximum value for any shooter, and is certainly capable enough for any type of hunting.

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