2020's Best Ice Fishing Gloves Reviews

OUR TOP CHOICE: Sitka Men's Pantanal Gloves

Waterproof. Breathable. Well made and out of exactly the right material for the action of the glove, including a drip pad backhand for those of you who—like me—drip continuously in the cold.

Specialised ice fishing suits have come a long way and can now be relied on to keep our one fairly comfortable.

But what about our meathooks? 

With the dense collection of tactile sensory receptors, one’s hands are naturally sensitive to everything, including the cold. Particularly the cold.

And it’s not like you don’t exactly need to use them when you’re Ice fishing.

You’re working line, and hooks, and reels, and bottle caps. Not playing midfield soccer.

Finding gloves that can keep your fingers warm while standing in the wind on a frozen lake, under constant exposure to splashed water—and even occasional dips below the surface—while maintaining the degree of manual dexterity necessary to work line and tackle, is rather a monumental task.

No need for handwringing. That’s why we’re here. We did the job of finding the best overall ice fishing gloves for you.

Best Ice Fishing Gloves


Waterproof Vs. Water-resistant

There are primarily two kinds of ice fishing gloves on the market today.

Neoprene gloves are made of the same material used to make wet-suits and are 100% waterproof as long as the fabric is intact and the cuff line is kept above water. 

Otherwise your glove is made from a combination of water-resistant and waterproof materials—such as GoreTex, Thinsulate, and/or Polar Fleece, but may include some portions of rubber-coated fabric or neoprene.

Both varieties of gloves have their foibles and fortes. For example, neoprene gloves are constrictive and make handling small items significantly more difficult. They are also prone to punctures and tears—and when playing with fishhooks—that means short lifespans.

Fabric-based gloves are rarely completely waterproof and have more seams that are vulnerable to wear and tear, but tend to run far more rugged.

No matter what, you need to be ready before getting out on the ice, and we’re here to find gloves with the fit, durability, and warmth factors that you need.

Editor’s Choice: Sitka Men’s Pantanal Gloves

Waterproof. Breathable. Well made and out of exactly the right material for the action of the glove, including a drip pad backhand for those of you who—like me—drip continuously in the cold.

Top 6 Best Ice Fishing Gloves Reviews

Sitka Men’s Pantanal Gloves offers an unbelievable bevy of features that any icehole angler wouldn’t want to be without.

First and foremost, the Pantanal Glove does exactly what you need a glove to do. It keeps your hands warm and dry.

Waterproof yet breathable GORE-TEX membranes bead away water so your hands stay all day dry on the ice.

Premium PrimaLoft Silver insulation traps body heat to keep you warm while acting as an antibacterial at the same time.

Designed with stretch-woven polyester construction, combined with goat-leather fingertips to provide superior dexterity while the purpose built +Grip palms provide non slip traction. 

No fresh catch will escape your grasp.

And when the little details make all the difference in the world, the backhand features an absorbent pad for the inevitable sinus drip one gets when putting in work in a brisk and bracing climate. 

Available in OptiFade Concealment Marsh or Concealment Timber.

Cabela’s Men’s Pinnacle Gloves with GORE-TEX are the heaviest duty ice fishing glove on this list.

Like the Sitka model above, Men’s Pinnacle Gloves deliver the warmth and water protection your adventurous, outdoor-centric lifestyle demands by combining completely waterproof—yet breathable—GORE-TEX membranes with a PrimaLoft Gold insulation for long lasting thermal retention.

Brushed-Tricot linings accompany rugged goatskin palms, while Cord-lock openings further aid in heat retention.

Don’t worry if you’ve got one on the line and need to deglove post haste. The Pinnacle Glove features a quick-release so you can drop ‘em on the ice faster than a hockey dustup.

Available in both black, or Black and Tan.

OZERO -30 ℉ Waterproof Winter Gloves start with a water resistant microsuede polyester outer shell with a waterproof sheath of an insulated velvet lining. 

Then an integral water-resistant artificial suede full-hand insert offers a membrane that protects ones hands in snow, water, rain, and cold wind, by keeping the inside of the glove dry and warm up to negative 30 degrees Fahrenheit. 

These winter gloves are then further lined with a thick insulated cotton and polar fleece. Providing your hands with appropriate warmth and working protection. So you’ve got a glove that is waterproof, breathable, and cozy even in fine soft winter conditions.

Each thumb and fore fingertip has two pieces of goatskin that are touchscreen sensitive. Allowing you to maintain access to all the data in the world—from multiple angles—without exposing your phalanges to a bitter chill.

Whether you are ice fishing, winter choring, driving, cycling, motorcycling, skiing, snowmobiling or what have you, OZERO—some of the best budget ice fishing gloves—will keep you warm.

The Pro Angler Neoprene Fishing Glove By Glacier Glove is constructed with 2mm Fleece-Lined Neoprene for Cold-Weather fishing comfort.

Speaking of comfort, pre-curved fingers provide a more natural fit. Crucial when wearing them for hours and hours on end at your favorite icehole.

A sharkskin textured palm offers an enhanced grasp, but the Pro Angler Glove also features split seam thumb and forefinger. Great for anytime one needs additional manual dexterity without wanting to strip off the glove.

Cold weather challenges are welcomed when Glacier Gloves are an option. Whether you are ice fishing, hunting, birding, shooting photos, or installing chains, their variety of cold weather gloves—like the Pro Angler—are designed to keep your digits warm.

And the blind stitched, soft glued seams offer great longevity considering the low market point and rugged activity for which they were crafted.

Palmyth Neoprene Fishing Gloves for Men and Women made this list as the best convertible glove on this list because the flip back thumb and index finger caps free ones fingers to manipulate a fishing rod—and phone, camera, touch-screen devices, firearms, and RC droneswithout compromising performance, protection, and dexterity.

A breathable stretch neoprene fabric back secures a tight and sensible fit for any adventure, while an artificial leather reinforced palm provides for a better grip and rugged durability.

A snug fit elastic cuff keeps the gloves tight to one’s hands and keeps all but the most persistent cold wind out.

And because of the otherwise simple construction these bad boys are machine washable, so getting fish guts out of em is a breeze.

The Savior Heated Gloves external layer is made of 40% lambskin and 60% polyester, and right off the bat provides waterproof wind resistance.

But the real magic of this pair is the internals. Made of soft pearl cotton insulation layers featuring heat elements and a pair of 2200mAh rechargeable lithium-ion batteries to keep your hands toasty no matter what.

Equipped with three different heat settings—high, medium, and low—one can control the temperature simply and feel the heating action in as little as 30 seconds. Perfect for any ice angler, motorcycle enthusiast, or arthritis sufferer.

On that note, the back of the glove has a carbon fiber protective shell for preserving one’s joints, while buckle-style hook and loop fasteners on the cuffs provide easy—on the go—adjustment.

All Savior Heat brand heated gloves are 1 year quality guarantee.

All In Hand.

Once ones hands are frozen to the bones—when one can no longer bait a hook, or reel a line, or heaven forbid clean a fish—it is often the end of an ice anglers day.

When you cover your mitts with any of the models on this list—like the Sitka Men’s Pantanal Gloves—chilled digits are less a concern than the contents of ones ice chest. (Besides, warm hands struggle less to open the next beer)

So whether you need a simple glove for early or thin ice, or a big, capable, and self heating beasts for the most brutal fishing climates, the right tool for the job is just within your grasp.

A grasp that would be warmer, dryer, and more secure with a new pair of gloves built for ice fishing.

So order yours now, and don’t miss out on another chance to break the ice.

Best Ice Fishing Gloves Overall

Sitka Men’s Pantanal Gloves offers an unbelievable bevy of features that any icehole angler wouldn’t want to be without.

First and foremost, the Pantanal Glove does exactly what you need a glove to do. It keeps your hands warm and dry.

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