2020's Best Knife Sharpener Reviews

OUR TOP CHOICE: Smith 4” Diamond Combination Sharpener

The Smith 4” Diamond Combination Sharpener checks all the boxes for a convenient knife sharpener. It’s super reasonably priced, sharpens almost anything with an edge or point, and is small enough to store almost anywhere until you need it.

Keeping your knife sharp is critical to maintaining the efficiency of your tool. Using a dull knife sucks. And it increases the risk of injury.

So keep your knife sharp.

How often you sharpen depends on your knife. Either you’ve got a knife with soft steel that needs to be sharpened more often. Or you have a knife with hard steel that’s difficult to sharpen when it eventually gets dull.

In either case, you need a good knife sharpener. Otherwise sharpening sucks almost as much as using a dull knife.

The good news is that there are plenty of knife sharpeners out there that will get your knife scary sharp.

SPOILER—If you want a knife sharpener that will make your life easy, without the fuss of looking at every knife sharpener on the market, get the Smith 4” Diamond Combination Sharpener. It’ll sharpen any knife, no matter how hard the steel. And it stows conveniently inside the handle.

Best Knife Sharpener

If you believe that evaluating all the options isn’t “fuss,” read on. We’ll check out all the best knife sharpeners from the very edges of the sharpening world. 

The best knife sharpener is up first, as usual. All the contenders are laid out in order of price.

Budget knife sharpeners first. Budget crushers are near the end.

Let’s put a few licks on this blade.

Editor’s Choice: Smith 4” Diamond Combination Sharpener

The Smith 4” Diamond Combination Sharpener checks all the boxes for a convenient knife sharpener. It’s super reasonably priced, sharpens almost anything with an edge or point, and is small enough to store almost anywhere until you need it.

Top 11 Best Knife Sharpener Reviews

The Smith 4” Diamond Combination Sharpener checks all the boxes for a convenient knife sharpener. It’s super reasonably priced, sharpens almost anything with an edge or point, and is small enough to store almost anywhere until you need it.

The sharpening surfaces are diamond, which is harder than any steel. This makes it easier to sharpen knives that are made with hard steel. And it ensures that your sharpener will last for decades.

Additionally, there’s a coarse and a fine sharpening surface. That way you can take the burrs off your blade and set the edge. Then you can use the fine sharpening surface to hone and perfect the cutting surface to make it razor sharp.

There’s also a groove for sharpening hooks, which is handy for you fishermen and women out there. There’s also a sharpening pad for sharpening micro tools. So you can put this thing to work on almost anything in your garage.

Lastly, the sharpening stone itself fits inside the plastic handle to protect your stone when you’ve got it stored. This helps keep your stone from rusting or corroding. That way it lasts as long as possible.

The only downside to this sharpener is that it’s a simple stone. You’ll have to set the edge angle manually. And, it’s difficult to sharpen certain edge types, like hollow or convex grinds.

But, most knives cut perfectly fine with a flat ground edge. And this is a simple, affordable, and effective knife sharpener that will keep your knives (and other tools) impressively sharp.

The Rada Cutlery Quick Edge Knife Sharpener is all about convenience and affordability. It’s a great knife sharpener for those who want to sharpen their knives without being an expert in knife edges.

First, this knife sharpener is super simple. All you need to do is set your knife sharpener on a flat surface. Then pull your knife through the sharpening wheels a few times. That’s it. If you’re left handed, just flip the sharpener around.

And, this sharpener is really compact. It’ll fit easily in a drawer, toolbox, or tackle box.

The sharpening wheels are high carbon steel, which is a very hard steel. This sharpener will sharpen any knife. However, you may need to take a few more swipes if your knife is made from very hard steel.

There’s just one thing to be aware of: this sharpener uses sharpening wheels. So it gives your knives a hollow ground edge. A hollow ground edge is fine. It’s just as sharp as any other edge (maybe sharper).

But hollow ground edges do get dull faster than some other edge grinds. That means you may need to resharpen your knives a bit more often. But that’s easy with this sharpener.

Ultimately, if you just want easy, convenient, and affordable knife sharpening, this is the knife sharpener to get.

The Cabela’s Folding Diamond Knife Sharpener is an ideal knife sharpener for anyone who likes to keep their knife sharpener handy to regularly touch up their blades.

The sharpening surface is 750 grit diamond. It’s hard enough to sharpen any type of steel. But the grit is on the fine side. This is a great sharpener for keeping your edge sharp. But it may not be coarse enough to re-edge very dull or burred blades.

However, it’s very convenient to carry. It features a butterfly handle, which splits so you can fold the sharpener into the grip. This protects the sharpening surface from corrosion. And makes it easy to keep your sharpener on hand. So you can touch up your blade as soon as you sense any dullness.

Also, this sharpener is quite affordable. So you could use it as a field sharpener to supplement your more complete sharpening kit.

But, no matter what you use it for, the price and convenience of this sharpener are hard to beat.

The Smith’s Pocket Pal Knife Sharpener is a very compact, all-in-one sharpening tool. It’s small. But it’s got all the sharpening surfaces you need.

There are 2 main sharpeners on this sharpening tool: a coarse sharpener and a fine sharpener.

The coarse sharpener is two carbide rods. The fine sharpener is two ceramic rods. Carbide isn’t quite as hard as a diamond sharpener. But this sharpener will still handle any type of steel.

You use this sharpener by just sliding your blade between the angled rods. It’s super easy. And you can re-edge dull or damaged edges with the coarse sharpener. Then you can fine tune the edge with the fine sharpener.

The edge angles are preset. So, if you want to put a custom edge on your knife, you’ll have to use the fold-out diamond rod.

You can use the diamond rod if you want a shallower or steeper edge. And you can use the fold-out rod to sharpen serrated edges.

In short: this little sharpener is capable of sharpening any knife, in any way. The only thing you can’t do is maintain certain edges like convex or hollow ground edges.

Even so, this is an incredibly handy little sharpener that you can carry in your pocket, and keep your knife sharp on the go.

The Smith’s 4” Diamond Sharpening Stone with Cover is a great handheld or bench sharpener. It’s simple, compact, and affordable.

This sharpening stone comes bedded in a case with a cover. With the base, you can set the sharpening stone on a bench for a two-hand grip on your knife.

Or you can snap the cover onto the bottom of the sharpening stone for handheld sharpening.

So you can use this sharpener anywhere, with any sharpening technique.

There’s a groove for sharpening hooks. And there’s a pad for sharpening micro tools or touching up the tip of your blade.

This stone is a 750 grit fine sharpening stone. But you can get the Smith’s 4” Coarse Diamond Sharpening Stone if you want a complete kit with a fine and coarse diamond sharpener.

With the cover on, both of these stones are compact, easy to carry packages that you could throw in your pack before a trip. So you can keep your knives sharp on the move.

However, this is a very basic sharpening stone. There’s no edge angle guide. And this stone won’t maintain a hollow or convex ground edge.

But it’s a simple, easy-to-carry option for those who like to regularly touch up their blades.

The Smith’s Jiffy-Pro Handheld Sharpener is a super convenient, all-purpose sharpener. And it’s one of the few sharpeners around that includes a scissor sharpener.

As the name suggests, this is a handheld sharpener. It’s pretty strictly a handheld sharpener. The design is not ideal for bracing the sharpener on a bench or counter.

But there’s a coarse and a fine sharpener. So you can repair very dull or dinged edges. Then hone the edge to maximum sharpness with the fine sharpener. You can get your blade dangerously sharp. And all you have to do is swipe the blade through the angled sharpening rods.

Also, there’s a scissor sharpener with a floating carbide blade that automatically adjusts to the bevel of your scissor blades when you clamp down on the sharpening rod.

Lastly, the finger guard on this sharpener also doubles as a hook for hanging your sharpener on your pack or survival gear for easy carrying.

Unfortunately—like any angled rod sharpener—you can’t set a custom edge with this sharpener. And it won’t maintain a hollow or convex ground edge.

But it will still get your knife super sharp. And it’s incredibly easy to carry and use. So you’ll have it whenever you need to put a fresh edge on your knife.

The Amesser Kitchen Knife Sharpener certainly works in the kitchen. But it also works in the shop, garage, or even in camp.

There’s one thing about this sharpener that helps it stand out: it’s a 3 stage sharpener. Most sharpeners have only one or two stages.

But this sharpener has an edge prep stage that’s coarse enough to remove dents and dings in the edge before you move on to the coarse and fine sharpening stages.

Additionally, it’s still a pull-through sharpener. All you have to do is swipe the blade through the angled rods at each sharpening stage to fully re-edge your knife.

It’s an excellent sharpener to keep at home for repairing the edge on your knife after the hard use of a hunting or fishing trip.

And, even though you more adventurous types may not care, this sharpener comes with a cut resistant glove to help prevent sharpening injuries.

However, it’s not ideal for knife enthusiasts who want to put a custom edge angle on their knife or keep a convex or hollow ground edge on their blade. But it will put a remarkably sharp flat ground edge on your knife, which is a great all-purpose cutting edge.

Overall, this is an excellent sharpener for anyone who wants a sharpener that works in their kitchen as well as their garage and those who often need to resharpen badly dulled blades.

If you want a stupid simple knife sharpener, the Redi Edge Original Knife Sharpener is the way to go. It’s a straightforward, no frills sharpener. It’s the minimum viable knife sharpener, if you will.

The thing that stands out about this sharpener is the aluminum construction. There’s no plastic on this sharpener. The handle is machined from military-grade aluminum. And it comes anodized in a variety of colors to match your aesthetic.

The sharpening discs are duramite. They’re hard enough to sharpen any steel. And they’ll last for years. But, if you wear your sharpening discs out, they can be replaced with an allen wrench. So you can keep this sharpener in service forever.

The duramite sharpeners are set at 40 degrees. Unfortunately, the angle can’t be adjusted. But 40 degrees is a good all-purpose angle that provides a good blend of edge durability and sharpness. Most users will find that the edge angle works great.

This sharpener won’t maintain a hollow ground or convex edge. But it’s super durable and compact. And it’s reasonably priced.

You could easily carry this with you and retouch the edge on your knife whenever you need.

The Sharp Pebble Premium Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone is a super high quality knife sharpener for those who want more control over the edge angle on their blade and which sharpening techniques they can use.

However, this is not a field sharpening stone. This is your high quality sharpener that you keep in your kitchen or your garage for fine tuning your edges between hunting and fishing trips.

It’s got 2 sharpening surfaces: a 1000 grit surface and a 6000 grit surface. The coarse surface is for sharpening your edge and removing any burrs. The fine surface is for honing the edge to razor sharpness.

This stone can be used for wet or dry sharpening. And, since it’s a free standing stone, you can set the edge angle to anything you want.

If you’re not a knife sharpening expert, that’s cool. This sharpening stone comes with a knife sharpening guide. So you can get up to speed and get the most from your whetstone.

Also, there’s an included angle guide. That way you don’t have to freehand your edge angles.

But this stone isn’t ideal for those who really want a hollow grind or convex grind on their knife edges.

However, it’s a great addition to both your kitchen and garage knife maintenance kits. You’ll be able to keep all your knives in perfect cutting shape with this stone.

The Work Sharp Guided Knife Sharpening System ensures that you get the perfect edge angle every time. And it’s capable of sharpening other tools.

This sharpener includes 2 diamond sharpening plates: a 350 grit plate and a 600 grit plate. And there are 3 ceramic sharpening rods for sharpening serrated edges. So you can sharpen and hone any type of blade.

Additionally, this sharpener comes with 2 angle guides. So you can choose the angle you like best (more durable edge or more razor sharp edge). Then the guide ensures that you nail that angle every time for a perfectly consistent edge angle.

And, the sharpening plates are mounted on a pivot system to keep the sharpening surface in even contact with the blade throughout each sharpening stroke. That way you get the exact same edge sharpness along the entire length of the blade.

Lastly, the sharpening plates can be removed from the guide. So you can use them to sharpen other tools like axes, lawn mower blades, and other cutting tools.

This is a dedicated bench sharpener. So you may need a handheld sharpener to keep your knives sharp out in the field.

But this sharpener ensures that you start every outing with a brilliantly sharp knife.

The Spyderco Sharpmaker Sharpener might be the most versatile and complete sharpening kit on the market (unless you get a full knife maker’s set).

First, this sharpener includes 4 stones. There are 2 medium grit stones, and 2 fine grit stones. So you can sharpen and hone your blade to precision sharpness.

Additionally, the stones can be mounted to sharpen your knife at 3 different angles. So you can choose between the most durable edge angle, the sharpest edge angle, or a good all-purpose angle. That way you can prepare your knife for exactly how you need to use it.

Or you can use the stones like a classic bench top stone to set your own custom edge angle.

Additionally, there are triangular stones that have rounded corners for sharpening serrated edges. And these stones have grooves for sharpening hooks.

Lastly, all the stones can be stowed in the slide-top case to protect your sharpening surfaces during storage.

This sharpener is a bit pricey. But it’s a great deal if you want to put custom edge angles on your blades and tune your knives for specific uses.

Checking Your Edge

No matter how great your knife is, eventually it’s going to get dull. A dull knife is not only inconvenient, it’s unsafe. So a knife sharpener is a worthwhile investment that will save you a lot of grief.

Now you’ve seen all the best knife sharpeners. So stop smashing stuff that you should be slicing. Get a knife sharpener. That way you make the cut.

Best Knife Sharpener Overall

If you want a knife sharpener that just works and won’t break your wallet in half, get the Smith 4” Diamond Combination Sharpener. It’s a simple, affordable, and effective knife sharpener that can also be used on hooks and micro tools.

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