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The LEATHERMAN Super Tool 300. 18 utility features—all of which lock back—attached to Leatherman’s strongest pliers to date, and easily accessible even through gloves, thanks to an open side design. 

The MultiTool. In one form or another a utilitarian piece of human history since at least Ancient Greece.

Improved—nearly into the tool we all know and love today—in the mid 1800’s by Karl Elsener when he developed the first model of the Swiss Army Knife.

Like every other tool, technology, or skill since the dawn of man. We stand on the shoulders of those giants, and from there we see far. 

Long forgotten are the days of Greek cutlery, and well surpassed is that original Swiss rifle tool.

So lock back the utility of your choosing, and hold on tight. We’re going to find the right MultiTool for you or the stocking that will soon need to be stuffed.

Best Multi-Tool

Editor’s Choice: LEATHERMAN Super Tool 300

18 utility features—all of which lock back—attached to Leatherman’s strongest pliers to date, and easily accessible even through gloves, thanks to an open side design. 

Top 5 Best Multitools Reviews

Since 1983, Leatherman has been making some of the finest multi-tools on the market, and the Super Tool 300 might just be the best Leatherman MultiTool available to date.

The spiritual successor to Wegner and Victorinox—some of the earliest multi-tool manufacturers—Leatherman maintains that original quality combined with every possible modern material advancement available. 

And all made in the USA.

Give this tool a cape, because it has earned the moniker of “super.” Leatherman built this unit around the strongest pliers they’ve ever produced, with a sloped top-handle design that lets you get this heavy-duty operator into tighter spaces.

Attached are an additional 18 tools, each that opens from the handle equipped with a locking function. Keeping the holder of said tool safe, as well as functional. You can’t have the best multi-tool knife possible if it doesn’t lock back.

Since it’s a Leatherman and American made, it comes with a limited 25-year warranty. Send yours in and they’ll fix it post-haste.

Not that you’re likely to need that service. I’ve had my father’s Leatherman for well over a decade, and it sailed the Pacific with me, without fail.

What are some of the 19 tools included?

Naturally, you’d want to know that before you buy. Here’s a few stand out tools:

  • I’ve already mentioned the pliers, well this puppy has both regular and needlenose
  • Then you have the three wire cutters. Premium replaceable for regular and hard wire, and stranded-wire cutters
  • A 9-inch (22 centimeters) ruler
  • An awl plus thread loop

19 tools in the space of one palm.

Fast Fact: Leathermans make great gifts. I bought multitools for all the groomsmen at my wedding and honestly, I think I spotted a few of the bridesmaids eyeing them covetously.

The forefather of today’s MultiTool—the Swiss Army Knife—was designed as a gun tool. The Swiss army was one of the few at the time whose standard issue weapon required tools for disassembly and routine maintenance. 

Many today are still used for just that. Better still, many like the Real Avid Gun Tool Max, have evolved along with the art, science, sport, and practice of shooting.

With 37 unique tools at your fingertips, the Gun Tool Max becomes indispensable on the workbench and at the range.

Trusted and rugged framed plier base holds wrenches, bits, Torx, blades, bottle openers, gunk hooks, and carbon scrapers.

And the included ballistic case holds even more bits because it’s bit aperture is where this beauty really shines. It locks at 90-degree intervals, ensuring you always have the best possible position for the task at hand.

Be it removing carbon from bolts and actions, making repairs/reducing malfunctions, adding or removing accessories, making sight adjustments, etc. The Gun Tool Max allows you to do it on the fly.

Best yet, many of the tools are threaded in, rendering this piece modular and updatable. 

New rifle requires a specific tool, and you don’t use your bottle opener because you bite the caps off? (If any family reads this, I promise I’ll stop) BOOM. Thread that bad boy in and it’s now a part of your EDC.

You said how many unique tools??

That’s right—37. That’s almost twice as many as the Leatherman Super Tool.


  • Carbide cutter
  • Oversized flat head screwdriver
  • Detachable pick
  • Universal choke wrench (fits 6 different sizes)
  • A round and a flat carbon scraper
  • 3-position locking bit driver with 12 assorted bits (4 Allen, 3 Philips, 3 Torx, 2 flat)
  • 4 differently sized wrenches
  • Scope windage/elevation adjuster
  • Detachable pin punch
  • Stainless steel drop point blade
  • Tap hammer

All on a high-strength stainless steel frame with non-slip grip plates. Your gun was already in good hands, but this gun tool is the next level.  

Not every tool needs to be the biggest or the most comprehensive to still have a place in one’s personal arsenal.

The right tool for the job is sometimes a smaller one…


Yeah, ok you juvenile delinquents, I heard it.

But seriously, you’re not going to start your truck with a Stanley 30 inch Universal Wrecking Tool (As much fun as that might be on someone else’s automobile). No. That task requires a smaller tool and a bit more finesse.

Something like…

Your car keys. And the best keychain multi-tool money can buy is the Gerber 30-000469 Dime Multi-Tool.

12 tools in just over two inches of closed stainless steel construction. A perfect utilitarian fob that fits flush in most pockets.

And though it be, shall we say, unobtrusive? It is still in every way worthy of Gerbers Legendary Blades and their reputation of excellence. 

The ergonomic shape of this—ever at hand and never underfoot—multitool speaks of the 80 years of manufacturing expertise Gerber has in making dependable tools used for survival.

Dainty as it might seem, The Dime is so well designed that it is comfortable to use even in my clumsy double XL bear paws.

What tools did they engineer into such a portable unit?

Glad you asked! Without further ado, the unit is based on a folded pair of needlenose pliers with standard grips of course. The dime has a fine edge blade, a wire cutter AND a retail package opener (very handy, never try to open those shell cases with a regular knife that path leads to ER visits).

It also has all the standards you’ve come to expect—like scissors, files, tweezers, drivers and a bottle opener—so you’ll never have to do without.

There’s no denying the basics are essentials. 

Like firearm enthusiasts, proponents of pedal-powered perambulators often require their own item specific hardware. 

That is to say that bicycles have enough unique parts to warrant purpose engineered maintenance equipment. 

Enter the Hero Kit Bike Multitool! A lightweight and low profile multitool perfect for people putting their practice in on the pavement or the trail.

Or really anywhere with today’s bikes. It’s so well designed and shaped it’s a cinch to add to any cyclists every day carry.

And that’s crucial when a broken chain can leave you stranded a days hike or more away from cellular service. The rugged and integrated chain tool lets you stay focused on the next horizon.

Loaded with all the wrenches and bits most cyclists could ever need—including spoke wrenches—no matter where you ride, this little hero has your back. 

The high strength Stainless steel is stress tested and quality controlled. The material readily resists corrosion, rust, and stain of most composition. 

12-in-1 Tools

Be ready for any bike-mergency with:

  • 2 spoke wrenches
  • Phillips and flathead screwdrivers
  • T25 Torx bit
  • A durable chain tool
  • And 6 Allen wrenches (Size 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, and 6)

If you ride a bike,
you need this tool period. With it, you can easily tighten and adjust your handlebars, disk brakes, seat post, stem, spokes, chainring bolts, etc.

Look. I’m going to shoot straight with you.

We all know that one person who has just the right tool for every specific job. Those folk who clearly know the difference between Robertson, Allen, and Torx bits, and aren’t ever surprised that an armorers wrench and a cartridge wrench aren’t even in the same toolbox.

We should all strive to be so knowledgeable.

Then there’s the guy who thinks his beer bottle will work as a hammer if he’s careful enough. What!? It’s a soft wood and I didn’t buy the beer!

So yeah. I often am that second guy, and that’s why the 13 in 1 Camping Tools, 7-inch Survival Hatchet spoke to me.

If I’m camping, I don’t want to haul around a ton of extra weight, but I also don’t want to be caught with my figurative pants down. Doubly so concerning bug-out bags.

This handy little devil is a hammer, hatchet, saw, pry bar, screwdriver—Phillips and flathead—file, and so much more all in one machine. You can use it to cut, pry, screw, access fluid—from bottles to fire hydrants—break car windows, saw wood, cut rope, etc.

Making this 7-inch hatchet one of the best survival multi-tools available

Lucky Number 13

To quote Shakespeare, who clearly must’ve been referring to this survival hatchet, “and though she be but little, she is fierce.”

  • Hatchet (obviously, but it needed to be said again)
  • On the other side of the hatchet, you’ve got a hammer
  • In between those heavy hitters, lies a wire cutter and pliers
  • On the other end, you’ll find a knife blade, saw, drivers, and other standard accoutrement 

Everything but the kitchen sink. Oh, and it comes with a belt pouch too.

In Closing Our Multitool

It matters little who you are and what you do, a good multitool is always useful. No matter if you need a quality versatile unit for every day carry…

Or a dedicated gun or bike tool…

Or even a big bad hoss for camping… 

Or simply a light and tiny keychain addition.

The need and uses for a multitool is as multitudinous as the units available.

Everyone on earth would be better served by having the right multitool at hand. And make no mistake, there is a right one for most everyone.

Be it the heavy hitter from Leatherman—The Super Tool 300–or just a simple wallet card tool like the Wallet Ninja, or anything in between. (I have both)

No matter what one does, or where one goes, the right multitool is a game changer. A handy, rugged, multidimensional toolbox that fits in your pocket, wallet, keys, and in the palm of your hand.

Get one for everyone’s stocking this holiday season, that way yours doesnt go “missing”.

Best Multi-Tool Overall

Since 1983, Leatherman has been making some of the finest multi-tools on the market, and the Super Tool 300 might just be the best Leatherman MultiTool available to date.

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