2020's Best Police Boots Reviews

OUR TOP CHOICE: Bates Men's 8'' Tactical Sport Side Zip Industrial Shoe

A Lightweight nearly indestructible boot meant to be put through its paces without robbing you blind. Medial zipper and excellent ankle/foot support mean these will see you through any patrol. 

It’s not uncommon for a person to spend untold thousands of dollars on a recreational vehicle that—if they’re wildly lucky—they’ll get to use for maybe 500 hours a year.

But the boots we wear for literally thousands of hours a year are expected to be dirt cheap.


They really rather are when you consider just how much wear and tear a good boot will see in its life on the beat.

Because good footwear is foundational. To your stride. To your posture. To your health. To good work.

Whatever you need: Waterproof, Duty, Tactical, and/or Cold weather—the right boot for you is just a click away.

Best Police Boots Overall

What To Look For When Purchasing New Boots

Since you’re going to be spending long days—and almost certainly overtime shifts—in these boots, you need them to be high-quality. Use this guide and/or make your own list of non-negotiable traits you require in a pair of work boots.

  • Comfort. Were these boots made for walkin’? But in all seriousness, you need a boot that will keep moisture out, but is still breathable. Look for one with a cushy insert to keep your feet comfy all day. Try on a few boots before buying if possible to establish whether or not you need a wider size or even have your foot sized by a professional.
  • Durability. Can they stand up to heavy use? Will you be walking in extreme weather conditions? Do you need a solid tread? What do the reviews say about the longevity of the boot? 
  • Materials. Look for a boot made with good leather and thick rubber soles. 

Armed with these top 3 categories to consider, we hope you feel ready to dive into some options. 

Editor’s Choice: Bates Men’s 8” Tactical Sport Side Zip Industrial Shoe

A Lightweight nearly indestructible boot meant to be put through its paces without robbing you blind. Medial zipper and excellent ankle/foot support mean these will see you through any patrol. 

Top 4 Best Police Boots Reviews

Bates Men’s 8” Tactical Sport Side Zip Industrial Shoe is a perfect and inexpensive boot for any patrol.

Durable imported leather and high-performance nylon provide an outer shell that is both rugged and comfortable.

8-inch shaft measures approximately calf-high from the arch support, providing excellent ankle support. After all, nobody wants to roll an ankle while running down a perp.

With its ultimate traction slip and oil-resistant rubber outsole, you can count on keeping upright and on task all patrol.

Beneath that hardy shell is a moisture-wicking mesh lining because a dry foot is a healthier foot.

And with health in mind, Bates gave these bad boys a lightweight and cushioned EVA midsole and a removable insert for all-day comfort.

The Merrell Moab 2 8″ Tactical waterproof men’s boot offers out-of-the-box comfort that you can rely on in every way. Which can’t be overvalued to any of the people who serve their communities.

Trusted high traction Vibram TC5+ outsoles provide superior grip on any surface—and if you’re looking for waterproof boots, slippery surfaces are bound to come up.

Waterproof leather and ripstop uppers are built to stand up to the toughest police work. Combined with super-tough medial zippers—for quick and convenient donning and removal—and a closure bellows tongue, which is attached to the upper on both sides to keep debris out of your boots. 

An abrasion-resistant rubber toe cap and heel Molded internal heel counter cup provides extra stability as well as protection. Keeping you sturdy and upright as you protect and serve.

Inside a KINETIC FIT footbed with added zonal arch support—along with a midsole featuring Merrell air cushions in the heel to absorb shock and add stability—is paired with lightweight nylon arch shank to provide flexible support where you need it.

In short, you’ve got a boot like a tank with an interior like a luxury car.

Under Armor—a leader in high tech and hardcore athletic wear for over a quarter-century—brought that same standard of excellence to their Men’s Infil Ops GORE-TEX boots.

That breathable GORE-TEX internal membrane is 100% waterproof but still allows sweat to escape. Paired with Integrated gussets on the tongue to help deter water entry, keeping your wheels—as lieutenant Dan would suggest—bone dry. 

And knee-deep in traction too, what with the Vibram outsoles made from a MegaGrip rubber compound for dependable traction on any terrain.

Of particular interest, particularly to partners—be they patrol or spousal—is this boots Cupron Antifungal Pro Fiber sock liner. Tested to reduce odor & kill 99.9% of athlete’s foot fungus after 12 hours of contact with the said liner.

Because a healthy foot is a happy foot, and a happy foot can kick butt all day.

High abrasion textile upper with Anafoam overlay—anatomically shaped—and a molded rubber toe cap combined with a TPU stability chassis for heel lockdown for precise fit and support. 

5.11 Tactical Men’s ATAC 1.0 Waterproof Military Storm Boots are not here to mess around.

Purpose-built to exceed expectations in a broad range of operational environments while providing superior comfort, protection, and tactical utility in a clean, professional profile.

PRO Fit construction offers some of the roomiest fit and the highest interior volume on the market. Making it perfect for anyone who needs any kind of custom insert.

An Anti-bacterial Drilex lining will help prevent foot odor and keeps your tootsies toasty and dry. Crucial if ever your policing takes you out into inclimate weather. And if it doesn’t, you’ll probably want to keep that to yourself lest your department get swamped in transfer requests.

1200-denier Cordura nylon side panels are triple stitched for rugged durability and it comes with prone position grips on the outer.

A handy hidden side pocket offers you the opportunity to keep a low key spare key or the like no matter what your patrol looks like.

5.11, Inc. creates superior products that enhance the safety, accuracy, speed, and performance of law enforcement, military and firefighting professionals all over these United States.

Engineered to excel, the A.T.A.C. Storm Boot delivers on every level and is worthy of its 5.11 badges.

These Shoes Were Made For Working

And in them, you can hup for as many miles as you’ve trained for and then some.

Walking long beats day in and day out. Keeping neighborhoods safe.

Running down criminals, miscreants, and perpetrators of every order.

Kicking in doors and stomping out injustice are built right into each of these tough as nails utility tools.

And make no mistake, a quality pair of boots is a tool no officer can afford to do without.

Whether you choose the Bates Men’s 8” Tactical Sport Side Zip Industrial Shoe or any other boot on this list, you can trust that you’re getting a hardcore workhorse just like you.

Don’t wait to replace worn-out survival gear. You never know when you’ll need to be able to turn on the gas and get down to business. After all, it’s not every purchase you spent this amount of time with, nor depend on as consistently. 

Think about it. If you are the one officer on earth who doesn’t pull a heap of overtime, the minimum amount of time you’ll spend in them is 2,000 hours a year. That’s more than 80 full nights and days.

That is why footwear is no place to cut corners or pinch pennies. You won’t find much you can use more that costs less.

Pick out a set today, and keep serving safely.

Best Police Boots Overall

A Lightweight nearly indestructible boot meant to be put through its paces without robbing you blind. Medial zipper and excellent ankle/foot support mean these will see you through any patrol. 

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