Top 7 Best Remington 700 Ammo

OUR TOP CHOICE: Wolf Military Classic Remington 223 Ammo

Wolf Performance Ammunition is excellent for high volume shooters at economical prices. Wolf Military Classic 223 ammo features a proprietary coating for an exceptionally smooth feed and fire, and all calibers are suitable for recreational, tactical, and competitive shooting activities. 

The Remington 700 bolt-action rifle is a legendary classic – a staple in hunting and shooting sports for over 50 years. Proudly made in the USA, the Remington 700 is an ideal rifle for both the amateur shooter or a seasoned professional. Additionally noteworthy, more Remington 700’s have been sold than other bolt-action rifles, before and subsequent with their first appearance on the market. 

When shopping for ammunition for your Remington 700, however, know this – all ammo is not created equal. Knowing the various types of ammo that are compatible with your rifle – and for your desired shooting sport – can save you time, money, and frustration. 

Top 7 Best Remington 700 Ammo

Editor’s Choice: Wolf Military Classic Remington 223 Ammo

Wolf Performance Ammunition is excellent for high volume shooters at economical prices. Wolf Military Classic 223 ammo features a proprietary coating for an exceptionally smooth feed and fire, and all calibers are suitable for recreational, tactical, and competitive shooting activities. 

Wolf is one of the few ammunition companies offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee – return the unused portion of ammunition for your money back. Check out Wolf Military Classic 223 for all-around reliability and affordability.

Top 7 Best Remington 700 Ammo Reviews

Wolf Military Classic Remington 223 Ammo for the Remington 700 bolt-action rifle is a great choice all-around when considering quality, reliability, and cost. Wolf ammunition is a reputable brand proud to offer high-quality ammunition without price gouging and continues to provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Wolf steel-cased ammunition is designed for faithful firing and functionality even in the most adverse of conditions. 

The PolyFormance proprietary coating ensures a smooth feed and fire. In addition to the Remington 700, Wolf Ammo is available in a wide range of calibers for recreational, competitive, and tactical applications. All Wolf ammo is safety certified under the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute (SAAMI).

Who Should Get This? 

Wolf Military Classic 223 is an excellent purchase for a day at the range or target practice. Its economical price makes it ideal for shooting in volume.

Remington delivers high-quality products at a good value, especially for avid hunters who need bullets at a reasonable price point. The 180-grain .308 Winchester bullets are excellent for factory Remington 700s in that caliber, and other calibers are available at varying price points.

True big game animals like caribou, elk, big cats, and bears need to be taken out with a single bullet, and lighter bullets can’t always stop such large animals. This bullet’s combination of weight, size, and accuracy makes it a reliable choice for high stakes hunting trips in pursuit of rare targets.

As a pointed soft point, the bullet fragments and can cause critical damage upon entering the target. It’s an excellent buy for any big game hunter in any region, regardless of budget considerations.

Who Should Get This? 

This ammo is fantastic for big game hunters who need reliable and accurate bullets at a reasonable price point, and who can handle the extra weight.

Bullet grains are always subject to debate, and most big game hunters would normally choose a bullet that’s heavier than 80 grain. However, heavier bullets can be a hassle to lug around on a multi-day hunting trip. Yet, the weight of the bullet doesn’t matter as much as its quality.

Remington’s 80-grain bullets are surprisingly powerful and can take out large bucks. They consistently perform well in ballistics tests and don’t jam easily. The Core-Lokt technology uses a gliding metal jacket that’s mechanically locked to the core, creating a product that fires reliably.

Although the .243 caliber is excellent for deer hunting, Remington also makes other calibers with the same Core-Lokt technology. Any of them can be a great addition to your next hunting trip.

Who Should Get This? 

Novice and veteran deer hunters alike need this ammo to take down deer reliably. The 80 grain bullets are heavy and get the job done.

Federal’s Vital-Shok system is renowned for its reliable firing power and high accuracy. The Remington Magnum 7mm bullets fire at up to 2,950 feet per second, traveling at a flat trajectory to hit accurately with minimal loss of momentum.

The partitioned copper jacket allows the bullet to travel hard and fast, taking out large game without a second shot necessary. Each bullet has huge stopping power and can stop anything from boars to bucks.

If you don’t yet have a 7mm barrel for your Remington, the change is very worthwhile. With 7mm bullets, you can take out large game quickly, with more power than a 6.5 or 6mm gun. Make the change today to take your hunting to the next level.

Who Should Get This? 

This ammo is excellent for deer but is also great for hunters who want to carry lighter ammo while tracking boars, turkeys, and other medium-sized game.

Federal Premium ammunition has been building their reputation and perfecting their craft since 1922. Remington 700 shooters who enjoy a day of target practice at the range will benefit greatly and save money when buying their ammunition in bulk. The Federal Ammunition difference lies in its manufacturing and quality control, producing a consistent and trustworthy finished product. 

well-crafted bullet made by Federal Ammunition results in a clean finishing shot with minimal carbon residue. These non-corrosive and exacting bullets fire at around 3,240 feet per second (FPS). Nickel-plated brass finishes provide corrosion resistance even under adverse conditions. 

The 55-grain bullet weight is ideal for honing in your skills at the range or with targets. All Federal Premium ammunition is proudly made here in the USA.

Who Should Get This? 

The Federal Premium Black Pack box is ideal for a day of target practice with your Remington 700. Buying lightweight ammo in bulk is a great way to hone in on your aim and precision.

The Hornady 308 Winchester Whitetail was designed specifically for whitetail deer hunting with the most popular and conventional bullet weights for the sport. Hornady ammunition is a robust combination of conventional ballistic know-how with modern accommodations

The InterLock bullet design is a proprietary advantage of the Hornady name – one that ensures a devastating blow with each fire. 

The InterLock Ring is the trustworthy counterpart to this feature, which allows the lead core of the bullet and the jacket to remain together and intact upon firing. This results in the bullet retaining mass and energy that can be applied to the target. The InterLock bullet has a worldwide reputation amongst seasoned hunters for its reliability and accuracy. Hornady ammunition is made in the USA.

Who Should Get This? 

For the seasoned or amateur whitetail deer hunter looking to improve impact and accuracy. When hunting with your Remington 700, sport Hornady .308 Winchester ammo.

Although other, lighter bullets are often marketed as varmint bullets, bullets lighter than 55 grain can be easily swayed by the wind. A 55-grain bullet can only be blown off-course by strong winds, so it’s a reliable option for hitting small animals.

Small bullets also have lower recoil, allowing hunters to aim and fire again while their target is running away. They’re the best option for homeowners and hunters alike.

Out of all of the small game bullet options, Hornady is the most reliable, and they come at an attractive price point. Their Superformance bullets use proprietary propellants for higher velocity than many competitors. Stock up on these for protecting your home from coyotes, foxes, and more.

Who Should Get This? 

Thanks to their low recoil, these bullets are great for varmint hunters who need to be able to fire quickly to hit their fast-moving targets.

Best Remington 700 Ammo Overall

The best overall option for Remington 700 ammo is the Wolf Military Classic Remington 223 Ammo. These bullets use full metal jackets to deliver a powerful shot and are produced by a reliable brand that has grown popular in recent years.

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