2020's Best Remington 700 Barrel Reviews

OUR TOP CHOICE: Shilen Remington 700 barrel

The Shilen Remington 700 barrel is short-chambered and pre-threaded for use with Remington rifles. It is incredibly easy to install and provides years of accurate shooting at full power thanks to its 26″ length.

The Remington 700 is a classic rifle that is renowned for its durability and reliability. Hunters and range shooters love it for its accuracy and firing power. It uses the same bolt-action system as in decades past but has refined its manufacturing processes to be even better than before.

Like all rifles, a Remington 700 occasionally needs a new barrel for improved accuracy. When it’s time for a new barrel, get one that allows the accuracy and power of the rifle to continue to shine. Here are the top 7 barrels for the Remington 700 based on power, durability, accuracy, and ease of use.

2020's Best Remington 700 Barrel Reviews

Editor’s Choice: Shilen Remington 700 barrel 

The Shilen Remington 700 barrel is short-chambered and pre-threaded for use with Remington rifles. It is incredibly easy to install and provides years of accurate shooting at full power thanks to its 26″ length.

The groove tolerances are within .0003″ to reduce error. Although it requires headspace adjustment, it’s well worth the effort for improving accuracy, especially on older guns that have been used for years.

It is available in 4 contour options, so hunters and range shooters can get a gun that meets their needs. This barrel is the best investment you can make for your Remington 700 rifle. Get your Shilen barrel here

Top 7 Best Remington 700 Barrel Reviews

With .0003″ tolerances on grooves, this is one of the best-machined barrels on the market. It’s available in both standard Remington 700 ammo sizes, plus .22 and .358.

One of the unique features of Shilen’s barrels is that they are available in a variety of contours. All but the lightest contours are 26″ barrels for exceptional accuracy. The most commonly available contours range from lightweight to heavy varmint, and some others are available for special order.

This barrel is pre-threaded for the Remington 700 without any additional parts and only minor adjustments needed if using the same caliber as before. It’s a great option for novices and experienced gun owners, whether you’re hunting or target shooting on a range.

Who Should Get This? 

This is the best barrel for any hunter or sport shooter who wants to switch out their barrel with minor changes in ammo or contouring with minimal hassle.

Like the #1 barrel choice, this Shilen barrel is incredibly accurate, with the same attention to quality and durability. It provides an excellent balance of contour options, caliber options, and overall accuracy at a reasonable price point.

Plus, this version is available in the 6.5mm Creedmoor caliber and other ammo sizes that are less common for Remington 700 use. It uses either a 1-10 or 1-14 twist, depending on which caliber the barrel uses.

It’s still easy to install, even with possible additional reaming required. It’s a good investment for gun owners who may change their gun frequently to try out new ammo, or who wants an inexpensive way to upgrade an old gun.

Who Should Get This? 

The simplified contour options are an excellent choice for shooters who are a little less concerned with fluting and weight but need the extra caliber options.

Certain 6.5 Creedmoor barrels can be used with Remington 700 stocks to create a customized gun with the best qualities of both brands. Use a 6.5 Creedmoor barrel to try long-range target shooting and hunting with this popular ammo size.

This barrel is 416R stainless steel and has a 26″ barrel for better accuracy. It is available with straight or spiral flutes, both of which can reduce overheating. Although it requires headspace checking and careful selection of other matching parts, it provides stunning results.

This barrel is durable and will last through thousands of rounds of shooting. It’s also lighter than heavy rifles without fluting, so it’s an excellent option for owners who travel a lot or go on multi-day hunting trips.

Who Should Get This? 

This barrel is best for serious hunting and sporting enthusiasts, who will enjoy the challenge of customizing their Remington 700 for a new kind of shooting power.

If you’re interested in more Remington 700 Accessories:

Creedmoor ammo requires the right twist rate for maximum accuracy, and this barrel delivers thanks to its 1-8 twist rate. It’s 24″ length is a little more manageable for hunting, so it’s good for hunters who shoot from ground blinds or tree stands.

The 416R stainless steel has a beautiful finish and will hold up through years of use. It’s a great choice for hunters who prioritize durability and want their rifle to have a traditional look, even when using the newer 6.5mm ammo.

It has a heavy barrel that minimizes recoil and maximizes accuracy, without being as heavy as a comparable 28″ barrel. Overall, it’s an excellent choice for anyone who can handle the weight.

Who Should Get This? 

Stationary hunters can appreciate this barrel, as long as they can put the work in to replace the other necessary parts for 6.5mm caliber.

The .308 Winchester and its ammo are incredibly popular and inexpensive, so Remington 700 owners who want to change caliber can choose a .308 barrel for a new shooting experience. Additionally, the shorter cartridge of the .308 makes it less prone to jamming. It’s a new adventure in shooting that won’t break the bank.

At 26″ in length, this barrel provides high accuracy, yet has manageable weight thanks to its fluting. It also dissipates heat and cools off faster than heavy contours. Like the other International Barrels options, it is available with either straight or spiral fluting.

A .308 barrel is excellent for hunting, target shooting, and anything else that you would usually use a Remington 700 for. This one can provide years of use through harsh conditions and frequent firing.

Who Should Get This? 

Novices, competitive shooters, and fast-moving hunters can all enjoy shooting with this highly accurate and durable .308 barrel if they can handle the tricky hardware change.

This pre-threaded, short-chambered barrel is another excellent choice for switching to a .308 caliber. Since it’s a heavy contour, it has less recoil than fluted options and provides excellent accuracy in competitive shooting.

The 416R stainless steel will hold up well throughout years of competitive or hunting use. The M24E contour is good for deer hunting, especially for hunters who use blinds or tree stands.

With a 24″ length and 1-10 twist that’s appropriate for the ammo type, this barrel balances size, weight and accuracy to create a high-quality product for serious hunters. Gun owners with a little bit of gunsmithing experience can easily install this barrel and the necessary parts to bring their Remington 700 to the next level.

Who Should Get This? 

This heavy barrel is a good option for competitive shooters who don’t have to move around much, or for hunters who rely on tree stands and blinds.

Although the .223 caliber is an uncommon choice for Remington 700 modifications, it is a standard caliber for U.S. Army infantrymen thanks to its range and performance. It is particularly good for hunting varmints and small animals. There is also a wide variety of ammo available, so a .223 barrel can be used for different occasions.

The barrel itself is simple to install, and though the change in caliber requires a new bolt and receiver, it is worth the effort. The high twist rate translates to better accuracy at longer distances.

With a generous length of 26″, this barrel will get the job done. It’s an excellent choice for casual hunters or homeowners worried about varmints.

Who Should Get This? 

A .223-caliber barrel is ideal for owners who want to unlock the reliability and accuracy of .223 rounds for range shooting and hunting small animals.

Best Remington 700 Barrel Overall

With its high reliability and accuracy, the Shilen Remington 700 Barrel is the best option for most hunters and sport shooters. It has four standard contour options and additional special-order options, providing superior weight customizability.

Its 416R stainless steel is durable and can hold up through thousands of rounds. The pre-threaded barrel makes installation easy, with just minor headspace checking required for most guns. Buy it today to breathe new life into your Remington 700 without breaking the bank.

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