2020's Best Remington 700 Bottom Metal Reviews

OUR TOP CHOICE: H-S Precision 700 Short-Action Detachable Bottom Metal

llowing multi-caliber magazines with a secure fit, the H-S Precision is rugged and versatile, with seamless cartridge feeding. 

You don’t have to fiddle with it too much to attach it to your rifle. Although lightweight, this bottom metal is resistant to wear and tear.

Many Remington gun owners customize their firearms by exchanging parts. One way to customize your rifle is to overhaul your chassis system, adding a bottom metal that allows detachable magazines.

The bottom metal fits on the underside of your Remington rifle with a hinged floorplate, letting you feed magazines into the bottom.  

The Accuracy International magazine is the standard, although other manufacturers create cheaper options. Your new bottom metal should be compliant with AICs magazines, as extra magazines are plentiful.

With a detachable magazine, you want durability, safety, and fast magazine changes. You may have to look into the aftermarket if you want the traditional stock or fiberglass varieties.

2020's Best Remington 700 Bottom Metal Reviews

Editor’s Choice: H-S Precision 700 Short-Action Detachable Bottom Metal

Allowing multi-caliber magazines with a secure fit, the H-S Precision is rugged and versatile, with seamless cartridge feeding. 

You don’t have to fiddle with it too much to attach it to your rifle. Although lightweight, this bottom metal is resistant to wear and tear.

The H-S’s curved edges resist snagging on vegetation or clothing. However, the unit itself is built like a tank – stainless steel with an extra layer of TeflonClick here to get the H-S Precision 700 Short-Action Detachable Bottom Metal for your Remington rifle.

Top 7 Best Remington 700 Bottom Metals Reviews

The H-S Precision 700 is designed from tough materials. Attention to details, like snag-resistant edges and polymer boot, makes this an outstanding rifle accessory.

With clear instructions, it’s a cinch to attach. Once on, it adheres to the underside of your firearm with a seamless connection. The polymer boot lets you swap out magazines smoothlyeven when you have gloves on.

The H-S Precision 700 has a central feed design, so you know the rounds are stacking correctly. All it takes is an Allen wrench to transfer the H-S 700 to another rifle. If you’re looking for a bottom metal with smooth feeding that is adaptable to many rifles, look no further than the H-S Precision 700.

Who Should Get This? 

This is the bottom metal for you if you want or need a bottom metal that’s incredibly hard-wearing, easy to install, and adaptable to multiple firearms.

The main benefit of this bottom metal is that it’s compatible with other rifles and many AICs-like magazines. As long as you’re not wary of inletting your stock to adjust to fit, this bottom metal is worth your while.

Accurate Mag offers this in both short-action and long-action, and either adheres to military specifications. Whichever size action you choose, it is compatible with many aftermarket manufacturer’s products

This bottom metal and its parts fit the Remington rifle perfectly, and you won’t have to keep fiddling with it after the easy installation. Thoughtful details like the extra-large trigger guard make it easy to use when you’re wearing gloves.

The Accurate Mag bottom metal is a solid, adaptable accessory for your Remington rifle.

Who Should Get This? 

This bottom metal is perfect for a gun enthusiast looking for solid construction, a seamless fit, and adaptability with both long- and short-actions and magazines.

This bottom metal comes with a handy extra magazine for added fire power. Both the magazine and the fitting are perfect, and installation is quick and painless.

This accessory is reliable and has a smooth feeding mechanism. You know the provided magazine fits your firearm and bottom metal perfectly. The release is tactical style, allowing for quick action.

Magazine and bottom metal are made of high-quality polymer and anodized aluminum, and both pieces are rugged and long-lasting.

There is little-to-no gunsmithing necessary for installation. As a simple drop-in solution, the MagPul Hunter lets your Remington use replaceable box magazines. This bottom metal is so adaptable as it works with a variety of actions and AICS-type magazines.

Who Should Get This? 

This bottom metal is a wonderful choice for a rifle owner who enjoys hunting, as it is durable to wear and adaptable. It is simple to use and built to last.

This bottom metal lets you change magazines without breaking your shooting position, a major draw. The Seekins Precision Short Action bottom metal is low-profile, easy to install, and simple to use.

The release button is perfectly located for ambidextrous use. For those gun enthusiasts who want a quick, clean release, this bottom metal will not disappoint. Some bottom metals feature long release levers, making a magazine swap difficult when lying down. The AICS makes this move easy.

Although the AICS Short Action does not come with an extra magazine, many Remington owners prefer this as then they can choose their own magazines. 

This bottom metal is compatible with AICS-style magazines, the industry standard, so they’re not hard to find. For hunters or tactical shooters, this bottom metal is an ideal accessory.

Who Should Get This? 

For those expert shooters who enjoy easy magazine transitions with little interference, the Seekins Precision Short Action is a perfect fit. It’s also the perfect bottom metal for ambidextrous shooters.

This bottom metal is a tough accessory for your Remington rifle. Made of high-quality, durable aluminum, this bottom metal can withstand adverse conditions. An excellent choice for professional shooting and hunting, the Badger Ordnance won’t let you down.

The paddle style release sits in front of the trigger guard for easy access. If you prefer the flick of the paddle release over a button release, this bottom metal can satisfy you.

This bottom metal is all about quick loading and unloading. As a tactical shooter, you want seamless action, and the Badger Ordnance M5 provides precision.

It comes with a 5-round magazine; however, this bottom metal also accommodates 10-round mags. The Badger Ordnance is a high-quality accessory that allows for clever customization.

Who Should Get This? 

If you’re a rifle owner who wants durability from a bottom metal as well as seamless action, then the Badger Ordnance is an excellent choice.

If you are looking for a larger bottom metal for your Remington 700, you can find the perfect fit with the DD Ross M40A3. This bottom metal is designed to be larger-than-average for better access to the trigger. The guard uses a hinged floorplate for short action and is machined to be incredibly smooth, durable, and always reliable.  

Since the trigger guard is larger, it allows for a more comfortable grip as well as enabling easier shooting with tactical gloves. The effortlessly smooth floor plate also makes loading much faster. Improved and extra-thick front and rear tangs do a lot of work to help stabilize the receiver and provide a more accurate shot. The glare-proof finish also ensures that light will not interrupt your aim. 

Who Should Get This? 

Gun owners who prefer to shoot with gloves or simply value a larger trigger guard will be happy to know that this bottom metal exists. 

The overall design of this bottom metal is what makes it a big winner among customers. First of all, it just looks great, and the stainless finish gives the bottom metal a very nice sheen. The bottom metal is also available in a matte blue finish that will match the gun’s other components. Installation with this design is also fairly straightforward and simple-to-replace the factory bottom.  

This bottom metal is going to be very difficult to wear down and holds up to years of use. It would be difficult to find a bottom metal that goes the distance quite like this one. This bottom metal also requires little-to-no inletting, meaning that a beginner new to Remington 700s can easily install this bottom metal with no trouble. 

Who Should Get This? 

Gun owners looking for beautiful all-steel construction will not be let down by this bottom metal, which is also very easy and efficient to install.  

Best Remington 700 Bottom Metal Overall

The H-S Precision 700 Short-Action Detachable Bottom Metal is the ideal choice for a rifle owner who’s looking for a quality bottom metal that is highly adaptable

Design details include smoothed corners and edges, ensuring this accessory won’t get caught on clothing or vegetation. 
With clear instructions, it is easy to install, and the center feed design guarantees that your rounds are stacking correctly. A polymer boot enhances clean magazine swap-outs, even while wearing gloves.

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