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OUR TOP CHOICE: Accuracy Solutions F.A.S.T Chassis

Customizing your Remington 700 rifle is a lot of fun, but it can also be challenging. Fortunately, the patented M-LEV leveling system on this model ensures your scope alignment is as straight as if it was installed by a professional. 

Many Remington 700 enthusiasts first consider purchasing a chassis because a high-quality model can significantly improve shooting accuracy. I can confirm this from personal experience, but I also loved the ability to customize my chassis to my individual specifications, rather than feeling I was buying an off-the-shelf rifle.

I chose a model with M-LOK attachment points. Still, you can also use a Picatinny rail if you prefer, and you can experiment with the various adjustable features such as LOP and cheek piece heights to find your ideal firing position. 

There are plenty of excellent benefits from using a chassis, so read on for my pick for the best Remington 700 chassis.

Best Remington 700 Chassis reviews

Editor’s Choice: Accuracy Solutions F.A.S.T Chassis

Accuracy Solutions are proud to source all its rifle chassis materials in the USA and manufacture its equipment in American factories for superior quality control. Order my pick now for the best Remington 700 Chassis on the market, the Accuracy Solutions F.A.S.T. Chassis.

Top 9 Best Remington 700 Chassis Reviews

The Accuracy Solutions F.A.S.T chassis combines an incredible number of features in one unit. The built-in BiopodeXt system reduces the effects of the marksman’s unintended movements that could inadvertently affect the accuracy of their shot. 

The adjustable cheekpiece complements this feature by allowing the marksman to find their preferred shooting position and remain comfortable even if lying in a firing position for extended periods. 

The self-bedding system ensures a stable platform for the rifle’s moving components, improving shooting performance, and reducing wear-and-tear on the component parts.

Because the chassis system is compatible with a range of bi-pod mounting systems, you can choose which manufacturer you prefer, and even interchange models until you find the most suitable system for your needs. 

Who Should Get This? 

This model is my pick for the best chassis for Remington 700 rifles. It is ideal for any marksman trying to improve their accuracy and who can afford to spend a little more on their purchase.

Many Remington 700 chassis systems excel in several areas, but for one that provides VALUE FOR MONEY across the board, look no further than this model from XLR Evolution. The lightweight design is ideal for maneuverability, and so it is well-suited to hunting or carrying your rifle over long distances

Although the frame is lightweight, it has a solid build as it is precision-machined using 6061 T-6 billet aluminum, which is both rust- and corrosion-resistant. There is a M-LOK compatible 14-inch aluminum handguard for extra grip and protection from barrel heat, and the included tactical grip prevents hand slippage even in inclement conditions.

An integrated detachable box magazine system enables fast ejection of a present magazine and quick reloading, which could be crucial in intense shooting scenarios.

Who Should Get This? 

If you’re seeking the best budget chassis system for Remington 700 rifles, look no further. This model scores well in every aspect and comes with an affordable price tag.

This model’s Adjustable Core Competition (ACC) chassis from MDT uses a modular system to offer unparalleled customization of the balance and mass of your Remington 700 rifle. The Arca rail is continuous along the forend’s length and uses flexible M-LOK mounting points to add accessories and increase your rifle’s weight.

The ESS buttstock interface uses a double-hinge design to eliminate protruding hinge points that could affect contact with the thumb shelf. You can also use this interface to fold to the bolt side or the non-bolt side for your convenience. 

The ergonomic wide thumb shelves allow the marksman to receive improved tactile feedback and achieve a more comfortable trigger pull, which is essential in a competition scenario.

Who Should Get This? 

If you specialize in competition shooting with your Remington 700 rifle, this chassis is an excellent choice. The level of customization allows you to find your ideal rifle weight and balance.

Magpul Industries have brought an ambidextrous Remington 700 rifle chassis to the market that can benefit every marksman. The skeleton aluminum design is lightweight, and there is an insulating Magpul covering for comfort and superior noise reduction. 

The folding stock has a durable MELONITE FINISH for protection from wear-and-tear, and there is an adjustable butt height so you can find the most comfortable position when the buttstock is against your shoulder. 

The steel QD sling swivel mounts have anti-rotation functionality, ensuring your rifle is in the correct position when you need to bring it into the firing position. There is a substantial trigger guard so you can even pull the trigger when wearing gloves, which is ideal if you are shooting outdoors.

Who Should Get This? 

This chassis is a reliable choice for sharing your rifle accessories with friends as the stock is ambidextrous. The flexible design is also superb if you like to experiment with different shooting positions.

If you’re a marksman who enjoys working with innovative equipment, you can appreciate this ultra-lightweight chassis from XLR Element. This model is the first chassis in the world to weigh under 2 lbs. What makes this achievement even more remarkable is that the overall weight includes the grip and buttstock

There is no skimping on material quality, as the chassis construction is of robust AZ61A magnesium, and the M-LOK compatible forend can hold all your favorite shooting accessories. Compatible with many aftermarket trigger designs, you can choose from a wide range of options when customizing your chassis.

The satin finish over the black color scheme gives a sleek and slimline appearance, while there is plenty of value in the package as it also comes with the grip, buttstock, and action screws included.

Who Should Get This? 

If you find holding a heavy chassis can tire your arms and affect your shooting accuracy, you’ll appreciate the incredibly lightweight design of this model.

With a striking look that is sure to draw admiring glances from other marksmen, this Remington 700 chassis from MDT is a substantial model that can accommodate larger barrels. You can use the barricade-stop grooves that sit ahead of the mag-well to lean against a solid surface, increasing the level of support when finding your target.

There are M-LOK attachment slots strategically located around all 5 sides of the barrel so that you can place accessories in your favored positions. You can use the thumb rest above the trigger guard for relief when maintaining a shooting position for extended periods. The free-floating forend helps improve your accuracy when taking your shot.

The ambidextrous magazine release is a useful feature because you can keep your dominant hand on the rifle and replace the magazine with your weaker hand for increased efficiency.

Who Should Get This? 

A larger chassis loaded with numerous accessories doesn’t have to look bulky. This model looks great even if you like to shoot with a feature-packed rifle.

Using aerospace-grade aluminum alloys and carbon-reinforced polymers, this Remington 700 chassis can withstand exposure to extreme elements and performs superbly in hot and cold temperatures. Available for short- and long-action rifles, this model has an ergonomic design that offers maximum comfort for carrying and shooting.

There is a low recoil effect across all calibers, and the adjustable cheek piece height, length of pull, and recoil pad allow you to find your most suitable shooting position. 

Available in both right- and left-handed variants, this chassis has universal appeal, and the 10-round magazine capacity means you don’t have to reload as often as with some rival models.

You can choose between 2 durable finishes – Cerakote or mil-spec hard coat anodizing – to ensure your chassis can reduce the effects of scratches and scrapes that could affect its appearance and functionality.

Who Should Get This? 

If you’re involved in competition shooting or enjoy hunting in the outdoors, then you’ll know being uncomfortable leads to misplaced shots. This chassis can keep you comfortable and ready to take the next shot.

Modern technology and manufacturing techniques have seen the Remington 700 rifle chassis evolve to become an essential addition for any marksman looking to improve their shooting experience. The traditional feel of older style rifles is popular, and this HYBRID MODEL combines the best of both worlds.

Although the chassis construction uses CNC-machined 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum and textured polymer panels to provide protection from the elements, this model still has the fit and feel of a traditional rifle. 

There is the option to use an angled grip if you prefer a more natural shooting position or switch to a vertical grip to save space. There are M-Lok slots for attaching accessories or adding Picatinny or Arca rails if you need extra room.

Who Should Get This? 

Few marksmen would give up a modern rifle chassis functionality, but now you can combine those features with the feel of a traditional rifle.

This chassis uses a modular system that you can use to attach your essential shooting equipment. The drop-in design provides a straightforward installation process, while there are multiple M-LOK attachment points positioned on all sides of the chassis for adding accessories. 

The trigger well can accept all after-market trigger systems so that you can choose your preferred grip and style. You can use ACIS-style MDT magazines for rapid detachment and reloading, and the free-floating forearm is ideal if you want to improve your groupings.

There is no need for a V-block as this model has several radial cut-inlets to remove stress from the barrel, which also contributes to increased shooting accuracy. There is a generous adjustability range for the length of pull so you can find the most suitable firing position, a crucial feature for improving comfort when shooting for an extended period. 

Who Should Get This? 

It’s enjoyable to build your Remington 700 chassis, and installation doesn’t have to be complicated. This drop-in model is ideal for quickly fitting your rifle together.

Best Remington 700 Chassis Overall

Every Remington 700 chassis on my list can bring a range of fantastic benefits to both beginner and experienced marksmen. The chassis system allows you to build your rifle to fit your precise specifications, which can only benefit your shooting accuracy and comfort.

Conveniently, most chassis systems come with M-LOK attachment mounting points or Picatinny rails so you can add your favorite accessories.

While the competition is intense, this editor’s pick for the best Remington 700 chassis is the Accuracy Solutions F.A.S.T. Chassis.

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