2020's Best Remington 700 Stock Reviews

OUR TOP CHOICE: Magpul Industries Hunter 700L Stock

The Magpul Industries Hunter 700L stock for Remington 700 long action rifles is a great stock and an excellent addition for any hunter. If you are just getting started, you will love the stability and ease of use. 

The Remington 700 is one of the most popular bolt-action rifles ever made. A large part of why it remains so popular to this day is that the manufacturer allows customers to add or remove many elements of their firearm. This intelligent design enables users to create their ideal rifle according to their specifications.

One of the most important aspects of a rifle is the stock. Weight, adjustable length or pull, and ergonomic design may all be factors in your choice. The great news is, there are a massive amount of variations available, so you can find the one that suits your needs.

2020's Best Remington 700 Stock Reviews

Editor’s Choice: Magpul Industries Hunter 700L Stock

The Magpul Industries Hunter 700L stock for Remington 700 long action rifles is a great stock and an excellent addition for any hunter. If you are just getting started, you will love the stability and ease of use. 

If you’re looking to trade up from a current model, you’re going to be impressed by how the sleek design manages to combine a rugged quality, while still working seamlessly with a range of useful accessories. If you’re in the market for a new Remington 700 stock, check out the Magpul Industries Hunter 700L Stock.

Top 7 Best Remington 700 Stock Reviews

The Magpul Industries Hunter 700L stock is made of high-quality materials and brings a range of great benefits for the user. Magpul designed this stock for use on both short- and long-barrel firearms, and they have also kept the price competitive, making it available for a wide range of customers.

The M-Lok slots allow you to add on your preferred attachments, expanding the range of features on your firearm. Although this system allows you to add many devices to your rifle, the sleek design ensures the additions are unlikely to ruin the aesthetics.

The tapered beam design brings extra stability to help improve shooting accuracy, while the rubber recoil butt-pad reduces the impact on your shoulder. Although there are downsides, such as the stock is for right-hand receivers only, it is easier to clean and a superb addition to your collection.

Who Should Get This? 

Whether you’re new to shooting, or you have plenty of experience, this Remington 700 stock can help improve your shooting, increase comfort, and still looks great.

Boyd’s are one of the most trusted names in the business, so you know you are receiving a long-lasting Remington 700 stock from their factory. They have crafted the stock from a durable birch laminate and applied a leather-look finish. 

The design is ergonomic and comes with a hand-conforming thumbhole. This feature can help to improve stability when on the range, and also provide a level of comfort if you’re away on a hunt for an extended period.

Depending on the level of camouflage required, you can pick from 3 colors to help blend into your surroundings. A rugged addition to your firearm, it can withstand the rigors of poor weather conditions, while the lightweight design doesn’t add unnecessary weight to your pack. 

Bear in mind, it’s a special-order item, and the delivery time is up to 8 weeks. If you’ve your heart set on this stock, you’ll need to order early.

Who Should Get This? 

This is an excellent stock for those who may be learning the finer points of shooting. It’s sturdy, reliable, and easy to fit on to your firearm. 

While modern technology has provided us with many advantages in terms of our firearm stocks, sometimes there’s nothing like a classic look and feel that makes us think of nature. With a clean and refined walnut finish, this stunning Remington 700 long action stock ensures you look the part when heading into the wilderness.

Although it has a timeless appearance, it fits onto many new and older rifles for convenience. Also, while this stock gives the impression of carrying considerable weight, it weighs a mere 3.2 lbs., so it won’t weigh you down or sap your energy on long hunting trips.

While the stock looks like it has a wooden construction, it utilizes modern technology and is made of a single forged monoblock body. This material is corrosion and abrasion resistant and tolerates changes in temperature and increased levels of moisture. One word of warning: This stock is on the expensive side.

Who Should Get This? 

This stock is sure to bring a sense of nostalgia for those who used to shoot when wooden stocks were almost the only available choice.

Combining carbon fiber and glass-reinforced polymer, the Promag Archangel Remington Model 700 is easy to transport and to maneuver. When you need to get your shot in frame and pull the trigger quickly, this feature gives you a considerable advantage. Not compromising weight for stability, the added aluminum pillars ensure you can keep the stock steady and your aim true.

The 3 QD, swivel mounting points, make it easy to attach and detach your firearm sling, while the in-built storage compartment is a welcome addition. While this slot is understandably compact, you can use it to store useful items such as extra batteries for your flashlight. It’s essential to be prepared, and any extra space for emergency supplies could be crucial in an unexpected situation.

Although this stock does not fit the .338 Lapua, it’s an excellent addition for many long action rifle owners. The 7-round capacity and 5-round follower add to its overall flexibility and for a range of users.

Who Should Get This? 

This is a great all-round stock and is especially useful for those who like to load up their supplies in a convenient, compact space.

In some scenarios, the ability to load and unload ammunition will be the priority. By the clever use of inlets, Choate has adapted their Remington 700 SA stock to integrate with the Badger Detachable Magazine Bottom Metal

Acting as an effective trigger guard, it also allows you to quickly load and unload 5- and 10-round magazines with incredible speed. Military snipers had input into the design of the Badger system, so you know you’re getting a high-quality product.

The T-rail is useful for attaching features such as bipod adapters. Now instead of trying to stabilize your firearm before taking a shot, you can concentrate on other aspects as the rifle will hold steady. Handy swivel studs give you easy access when you’re ready to attach your favorite sling.

Using CNC machining alongside aluminum materials means your Remington 700 stock can continue to hold its integrity for many years to come.

Who Should Get This? 

Choose this Remington 700 stock if you value superior loading and unloading convenience and robust design. It is also useful if you use bipods often.

If you’re looking for a Remington 700 stock, then it seems logical to buy from the brand. This replacement model stock is made of lightweight synthetic materials that give protection from the elements. 

Remington has chosen to make this an extremely long-lasting product by adding fiberglass reinforcement to the construction materials, which makes it an excellent purchase for the budget-friendly buyer.

While it is one of the cheaper models on the market, it brings a lot to the table. The non-glare finish helps to conceal your firing position, while also reducing the reflection of light that could affect your vision.

There are also sufficient accessories to meet the needs of most people heading to the range or out on a hunt. Use the swivel studs for quick sling attachment, use the recoil pad to protect your shoulder, and there is also no special bedding required. This stock is a solid choice for those looking to save money.

Who Should Get This?

If you’re looking for a stock to boost your Remington 700’s appearance, while also providing a solid, sturdy stock at a reasonable price, this is the choice you need.

Ideal for those who want to improve both accuracy and comfort during shooting. The adjustable length of pull is often overlooked, but it’s crucial when making yourself relaxed before you squeeze the trigger. 

This easy-to-operate feature means you can adjust the distance between the middle of the trigger and then end of the barrel in just a few seconds. This stock boasts 2 recoil suppression devices, saving your shoulder from unnecessary contact. The reduction in recoil helps you to line up your next shot quickly after the previous one.

For improved accuracy, the stock works with a completely free-floated barrel, helping you to minimize any impact from the stock on the barrel. While this is an excellent choice, you need to be aware this does not work with Remington ADL models.

Who Should Get This? 

Blackhawk has produced an excellent stock for shooters seeking to improve their accuracy. The recoil-reducers allow for a comfortable day’s shooting inside and outside.

Best Remington 700 Stock Overall

Beating an impressive array of rivals to the top of the tree, the Magpul Industries Hunter 700L Stock is a tremendously well-designed stock, with features that can help you to enjoy your day’s shooting. While it adds a layer of comfort through the reduced recoil element, it could also help to improve your accuracy with a clever and attractive tapered beam design.

Lightweight, stable, and sleek, this is an excellent choice for the new and experienced hunters.

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