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OUR TOP CHOICE: Triggertech Remington 700 Diamond Trigger

Triggertech is a legendary brand in the industry, so it’s no surprise it has come out on top of my list. The zero creep design is remarkable, and you’ll notice a difference compared to just about every other trigger. Although the pull weight setting can go as low as 0.25 lbs., there is the option to increase it to a less sensitive 2 lbs., if you prefer.

The Remington 700 series is the best selling rifle of all time, so it stands to reason you should use the best trigger on your model. The first time I used an aftermarket trigger to reduce the pull weight on my Remington 700, I was amazed by the quality and range of available choices

Over the years, I’ve tried several brands and styles, and it’s still challenging to choose one above all the others. The right decision for you comes down to individual preferences, but to lend a helping hand, these are the best Remington 700 triggers I’ve found on the market

Best Remington 700 Trigger reviews

Editor’s Choice: Triggertech Remington 700 Diamond Trigger

You can use the removable safety to avoid any accidental discharges, and the trigger performs reliably even when shooting in harsh conditions. Overall, I found it exceeded my expectations and is my pick for the best Remington 700 trigger on the market. Buy yours today and experience the remarkable performance of the Triggertech Remington 700 Diamond Trigger.

Top 9 Best Remington 700 Triggers Reviews

Some triggers can have a gritty feel that negatively affects your aim, resulting in missing the target and difficulty in finding your target again quickly. The Frictionless Release Technology ensures each trigger pull is smooth, does not affect your aim, and provides a more enjoyable shooting experience.  

The patented CLKR technology enables quick adjustment of the trigger pull weight using a detent and set screw mechanism. You can feel each click as you adjust the weight, and there is a safety feature to ensure the pull weight is more challenging if the set screw is accidentally removed.

For accuracy and consistency, I recommend this model as the best aftermarket Remington 700 Trigger.

Who Should Get This? 

For superior performance in any weather conditions, this trigger is an excellent choice. Suitable for hunters and competition marksmen, it won’t let you down.

This trigger from Timney uses a 2-stage mechanism for increased safety. While the first stage is factory set at 1 -lb., you can adjust the second stage between 1-4lbs., giving you a range of options for various scenarios. Because there is such variability in the pull weight, it provides plenty of choices for home defense and target shooting.

The work surfaces are milled from A2 tool steel, and the Teflon-nickel coated sears add lubricity as well as an added layer of durability. There is no need to incur extra expense by asking a gunsmith to install your trigger. By following the instructions, you can quickly do this yourself at home. In my view, this is the best Timney trigger for Remington 700 rifles.

Who Should Get This? 

Timney has a loyal following of fans who have benefited from its triggers for many years. Whether you’re already a convert or new to the brand, beginners and experienced marksmen should get this trigger.

The Geissele Super 700 trigger is known as the Smile Maker, and it’s not difficult to see why. In my opinion, it’s the best drop in trigger for Remington 700 rifles. This model exhibits quality in every aspect, modeled on the MK13 trigger that Geissele designed for the US Military Sniper Rifle system. 

The triple-redundant safety locks secure the trigger, transfer bar, and the internal mechanism, eliminating the risk of an accidental discharge. You can easily adjust the settings to change the over-travel level, and the tactile feel when the trigger engages the sear mechanism. 

Geissele triggers come set for superior accuracy and performance, but the brand makes it straightforward to make your own adjustments. In my experience, this is a superb choice for beginners and experienced marksmen.

Who Should Get This? 

If you’re trying to improve your shooting accuracy, this trigger from Geissele can help. The smooth action and easy adjustments ensure you can up your game with this model.

For the best hunting trigger for Remington 700 rifles, look no further than this EXCEPTIONAL offering from CMC. I tested CMC’s claim that this is an ultra-precision trigger, and the performance was one of the best I’ve experienced. 

The pull weight adjustment is easily accessible, enabling rapid modifications to help find the most suitable setting for each situation. You can take this trigger into fast-moving environments such as hunting in challenging conditions because the safety feature provides extra security. 

The Over Centre Dynamic Locking system disables all fire control mechanisms, and the trigger uses the latest manufacturing technology to create robust internal components. Possibly the safest Remington 700 trigger available, you can set the pull weight to 8 lbs. 

Who Should Get This? 

Safety is the primary concern when handling any firearm, and this Remington 700 trigger from CMC comes with excellent security features. It’s ideal for every responsible marksman.

There are 4 shoes included in the package so you can choose from flat, curved, knurled, and heeled. These shoes provide the ultimate comfort for marksmen because you can find the most comfortable shape for your trigger finger. 

You can also adjust the shoe settings, fine-tuning the height, cast, and pull length, allowing you to find your favored shooting position. Experiment with the sear engagement and overtravel settings, helping to achieve FASTER RESETS. These features could be crucial when hunting, and you need more than one shot.

Although this is one of the most comfortable triggers on the market, it is also a stylish addition to the Timney range with a black-and-gold color scheme.

Who Should Get This? 

Comfort is essential when shooting for extended periods, and this trigger excels with the unrivaled selection of shoes. It’s ideal for marksmen who shoot regularly.

Positive feedback can improve your aim and increase the speed of your reset. Triggertech uses its unique TKR technology that removes the need for extra displacement from the trigger level to release the sear. The reduced overtravel can be below 0.015”, allowing you to re-aim quickly after your last shot. 

The TKR technology also provides palpable feedback, so you are sure your weapon is ready to fire the next shot, so you always feel in control of your rifle. The anodized 7075 aluminum housing is corrosion- and rust-resistant for an extended lifespan, and this trigger comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind.

The installation tools come with the trigger so you can begin shooting right out of the box.

Who Should Get This? 

If you enjoy fast-paced competition shooting or the thrill of hunting using a rapid-fire approach, the rapid reset on this trigger is a solid choice. 

There is no need to open your trigger mechanism to adjust the pull weight because you can modify externally. This trigger is suitable for any marksman because it has an ambidextrous hand grip and you can choose between a flat or curved trigger grip for your comfort. 

The aerospace-grade bearings increase consistency because the components are not affected by loose actions, and the roller-bearing pivot arm prevents the set pull weight from varying during firing. There is an optional internal bolt release mechanism, and each trigger pull feels crisp and clean. 

Safety is paramount, and this trigger comes with a 100% drop-safe mechanism, which is crucial both at the range or when out hunting. Although it is quite an expensive model, in my opinion, it is worth the investment.

Who Should Get This? 

Suitable for left and right-handed users, this is an excellent trigger if you share rifle accessories with your friends. They’ll be impressed with the consistent performance.

During testing, I found that this frictionless trigger mechanism felt considerably lighter than a friction trigger, which helped improve my aim as it seemed to need less pressure to take my shot. 

The one stage firing set-up means it is suitable for rapid firing, and you can change the pull weight between 1-3.5lbs., which is excellent for finding the right weight for your trigger finger. 

This model is a drop in trigger so you can install it in your home without the need for specialist advice, and the internal components are corrosion-resistant so you can expect your trigger to last for many years. If you prefer a model without a safety, you can arrange this during ordering by contacting Optics Planet by email or phone.

Who Should Get This? 

Those who value a 1-stage set-up and rapid firing ability can enjoy using this trigger that offers excellent versatility and increased tactile feel when aiming your next shot.

Rifle Basix hand-assemble its Remington 700 triggers for superior craftsmanship. Each internal lever is made of CNC-machined A-2 tool steel and heat-treated for incredible durability. The triggers undergo rigorous factory testing to ensure it operates at peak performance.

You do not need to modify the stock for adjustment screw clearance so you can install the trigger at home and be ready to shoot almost as soon as your package arrives. You can easily adjust the pull weight to match your desired specification, and as the trigger weighs a mere 5 oz., it doesn’t add unnecessary heft to your rifle.

This model is a popular trigger for hunting and is often in contact with the elements, so there is a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.

Who Should Get This? 

If you’re shopping for a Remington 700 rifle trigger on a budget, you don’t need to compromise on quality. This model is the ideal blend of affordability and functionality.

Best Remington 700 Trigger Overall

Whether you prefer a higher trigger pull weight, favor a more sensitive firing action, or appreciate a short overtravel, there is a Remington 700 trigger to suit your needs. If you like to hunt, then perhaps exchanging some responsiveness for durability is the right option, whereas competition shooting favors a quick reset

The trigger that ticked nearly every box for me, and I keep on my Remington 700, is the Triggertech Remington 700 Diamond Trigger. Buy it today, and you won’t be disappointed.

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