2020's Best Six Person Tent Reviews

OUR TOP CHOICE: Coleman Sundome 6 Tent

The Coleman Sundome tent combines affordability with jaw-dropping weather resistance. It’s the perfect 3-season tent for almost any adventure. 

Some of the best experiences happen in groups. If you’re spending time away with family, friends, or a mix of the two, getting away from the hubbub of everyday life can be instrumental in helping you relax and make some incredible memories

A good 6-person tent offers durability, space and storage, and convenience. It’s the perfect tent to take with you wherever your next adventure awaits. 

Whether you’re searching for a lightweight 6-person tent that could stand up to a backpacking pilgrimage or a car-camping tent kitted out for comfort, there’s something on this list for everyone and every budget

Best Six Person Tent Overall

Editor’s Choice: Coleman Sundome 6 Tent

The Coleman Sundome tent combines affordability with jaw-dropping weather resistance. It’s the perfect 3-season tent for almost any adventure. 

Top 7 Best Six Person Tents Reviews

Teepee tents are fun and iconic, and they offer many distinct advantages. For one thing, the shape of the tent encourages heat to rise away from sleeping campers during the summer and snow and rain to fall away from the tent during wet or cold weather

While many share the misconception that teepee tents are cramped, that’s actually far from true. As long as your tent is suitable for your group size, a teepee tent provides gear ample storage space along the outside circle while sleepers can relax toward the middle of the tent. 

Mesh windows and a mesh peak (topped with a rain-proof cap) allow for excellent ventilation. The door is sizable and allows for easy access. Made entirely out of waterproof tent material, the tent also features a sturdy floor, which protects against water seepage. Weighing in at 15 lbs., its weight can be distributed between the packs of a group on an overnight hiking trip.  

A few reviewers recommended additional waterproofing or a secondary rainfly to help ensure a truly dry camping trip. However, this tent packs a serious punch and harkens back to camping in centuries past–despite the modern comforts and technologies. 

When it comes to car camping, you don’t need to worry too much about the tent’s bulk or weight. Instead, you want to optimize space, comfort, and stability, and this tent checks all those boxes. 

This cabin-style tent boasts a total height of seven feet, making it easy to stand up and move around. The tent has 10’ x 10’ of floor space. The walls are nearly vertical, which gives the tent a roomy, spacious feeling.  

The tent has a bathtub style floor that curves out and over the sides of the tent, ensuring that the inside is safe from encroaching moisture. 

There are plenty of cubby pockets in the tent for storing gear, as well as an overhead gear net that can be used to store survival equipment or supplies. The tent can keep you and your supplies safe from the elements at all times due to its extra sturdy steel and fiberglass frame. This is a heavy frame, but if you’re car camping, that doesn’t particularly matter.

The tent also comes equipped with an E-power port that enables you to attach an outdoor-grade power cord, pump up an air mattress, and charge your devices. These factors render the tent ideal for more stationary forms of camping, but less practical for backpacking. If you’re looking for a tent that will accommodate festival camping or extended stays at car camping sites in National or State Parks, this is the tent for you. 

While not a traditional pop-up tent, this instant cabin tent can be set up in less than 60 seconds and is far sturdier than more standard pop-up tent options. 

The tent is quite spacious and can easily fit two queen-sized mattresses plus additional camping furniture. With a maximum ceiling height of 6 feet, you can move around freely and comfortably inside. 

This tent really excels with its wall organizers. Each end of the tent has its own organizer where you can store supplies, equipment, or personal belongings. 

Even more storage is available thanks to the tent’s additional gear loft storage space on the ceiling. There is also a lantern hook attached to the loft for lighting options. The tent has excellent ventilation, featuring vents along all the bottom flaps. A rainfly also provides protection from the elements. 

The tent also features excellent ventilation. With adjustable ground vents and mesh windows, it allows you to enjoy the fresh air and keep cool, even on warm nights. 

A storage bag comes with the tent, making it easy to transport and pack away in the car. The tent also comes in two color choices: Green and wine. 

This tent can keep your group warm and dry with minimal set-up or hassle required. Timber Ridge has crafted a tent that can be set up in two minutes. Regardless of where you’re camping or how long you’re staying, this tent’s easy set-up will allow you to focus more on the activities at hand rather than wrestling with a stubborn tent. 

However, this tent doesn’t compromise on performance, either. The bathtub-style floor keeps the base of the tent sealed against rain, while the rainfly provides protection from above. With base dimensions of 10’ x 10’ and a maximum center height of 6’6”, it easily accommodates six people. 

Although this tent can stand up to rain, it also has excellent ventilation. Three large mesh windows keep out the bugs and let fresh air into your tent, making for a more relaxing night’s sleep. A ceiling mesh section allows any stuffy heat to rise and escape out of the tent, while the rainfly protects against any sudden showers throughout the night. 

The Timber Ridge company also backs their products with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against any defects in workmanship or material. This means that you can be confident in what you buy or receive your money back. 

This tent is an absolute steal. The patented WeatherTec bathtub floors, sealed seams, and rainfly work together to help this tent stand up to inclement weather. Reviewers rave about its ability to withstand repeated downpours, and the intelligent ventilation system makes it an excellent tent for summer. 

It features floor vents and large mesh windows to help keep you cool even on warm nights. If you’re looking for a tent that will do well in festivals or family camping trips that last for several days, this might be the tent for you. 

There are several more features that make this tent such a good buy. It has an E-port, which makes it easy for you to plug in an air mattress pump or another electrical device to an external power source. 

As far as internal storage goes, this tent features mesh storage pockets throughout. At a maximum ceiling height of 6’ and a 10’ x 10’ floor base, there’s plenty of room to move around and be comfortable throughout your camping adventure. 

Out of all the tents on this list, this tent is, by far, the best value for money. It gets rave reviews and has earned itself a loyal following. At 16 pounds, it could even fare considerably well on a short backpacking excursion. If you’re searching for a tent that can stand up to most of your summertime adventures and not break the bank, this is the tent for you. 

The Marmot Limestone 6 is a fantastic tent to utilize for camping in harsh environments, like the deep woods or mountainous terrain. The durability of the tent is impressive, especially when you consider that it weighs only 16 pounds–that’s 2.6 pounds per person. This makes it an excellent choice for a 3-season backpacking adventure.  

Quality materials are really what make this tent a versatile choice. Its frame is made from aluminum DAC poles, and it features a strong, coated, water-resistant polyester rainfly.

The tent features a sizable mat area where shoes can be wiped off and removed. When trekking through the wilderness, it is easy to track in mud and grime, so this feature is helpful for keeping your sleeping space clean. The tent also features a few vestibules for storing gear.  

When you’re searching for a 3-season tent, you want a tent that will withstand the elements. Look for a tent that isn’t too heavy, especially if you want to take a group camping in the backcountry.

The Kelty Trail Ridge tent is the solution: Weighing in at 16 lbs., it budgets out to approximately 2.6 lbs. per person. This is a reasonable distribution for a large group.

An aluminum frame is key to the tent’s lightweight feel. While remaining easy to carry, the aluminum frame also offers reliable protection that won’t buckle under stress. The tent can weather high winds and rains without sustaining significant damage. 

A fun addition to the tent is its stargazing flap for staring up at the sky on a clear night. Kids will love learning constellations–or making up their own. The flap still provides ample protection from rain when secured. 

The tent is comfortable and breathable, with plenty of space for six people. It features steep walls that free up more vertical and horizontal space for all campers. 

The tent also comes with a travel bag with a breathable panel, so even if you have to pack your tent away wet for a few hours, it can still breathe and keep mold at bay before you get home to air it out. 

If you’re preparing for a long camping or backpacking trip, remember it’s best to test out your setup ahead of time. Make sure you have enough room for the campers and the gear. Practice in your backyard, or in the woods behind a friend’s house so you are close to necessities if you need them.

Best Six Person Tent Overall

If you’re looking for a product that isn’t going to break the bank, but you can still take on a wide variety of adventures, the Coleman Sundome 6 is a perfect choice. The low price point helps you save cash for further adventuring, and the weatherproofing technology protects you from the elements. 

This is the tent for car camping at National or State Parks, setting up at a festival, or even a 6-person backpacking voyage into the wilderness. Few tents combine lightweight versatility with modern comforts, and this tent does it all, and it even includes an E-Port. 

Get ready for your next adventure with this top pick and prepare to make some amazing memories. 

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