2020's Best Taurus G2C Laser Reviews

OUR TOP CHOICE: ArmaLaser Taurus

The ArmaLaser Taurus PT111/PT140 Gen 2 is the perfect fit for this pistol. You can choose between red or green lasers, depending on your preference. 

Shooters with this laser sight on their Taurus G2C attest to closer shooting groups from farther distances, up to 50 feet away. It’s easy to install and one of the most accurate laser sights available. For your Taurus G2C, the top pick is the ArmaLaser Taurus PT111 / PT140 Gen 2.

If you’re looking for the very best laser sight to put on your Taurus G2C, you’re not alone. Many other gun aficionados with this particular pistol are looking for something to make it more accurate

A quality laser sight makes shooting more precise in any light conditions; without good visibility, you can’t be sure where your shot will land. 

When you’re looking to purchase a laser sight for your Taurus G2C, you can choose between red or green light. The ideal laser sight will have an excellent maximum range and be adaptable to your shooting needs. 

Here are the top laser sights for the Taurus G2C.

Top 7 Best Taurus G2C Lasers Reviews

Editor’s Choice: ArmaLaser Taurus PT111 / PT140 Gen 2 

The ArmaLaser Taurus PT111/PT140 Gen 2 is the perfect fit for this pistol. You can choose between red or green lasers, depending on your preference. 

Shooters with this laser sight on their Taurus G2C attest to closer shooting groups from farther distances, up to 50 feet away. It’s easy to install and one of the most accurate laser sights available. For your Taurus G2C, the top pick is the ArmaLaser Taurus PT111 / PT140 Gen 2.

Top 7 Best Taurus G2C Lasers Reviews

The ArmaLaser is specifically designed to improve accuracy and precision.

ArmaLaser hones your skill with settings to work on particular aspects of your technique. It’s not only the most accurate laser sight on the market, but it also makes you a more accurate shooter.

The great thing about this sight is that you can choose whether you’d like to use the red or green laser. The ability to switch to a green laser during the daytime, when its visibility greatly exceeds the red laser’s, elevates your precision at the shooting range. Reviewers report closer shooting patterns with the addition of this laser sight. 

It’s an excellent weapon at night, with pinpoint accuracy and a master kill switch if you need to go dark suddenly.

Easy to install with simple, advanced technology, the ArmaLaser is ready to go almost right out of the box. The clear directions let you quickly access higher accuracy and precision.

Who Should Get This? 

If you own a Taurus G2C pistol, the ArmaLaser Taurus PT111 / PT140 Gen 2 is an ideal laser sight to boost your accuracy immediately.

The NcSTAR Compact Red Laser Sight w/ Weaver Mount is a superb choice for gun enthusiasts who would like to economize with one laser sight. This sight fits many compact and subcompact pistols so that it can be used on multiple guns.

Outdoor shooters find that this red laser sight gives their accuracy a welcome boost. It’s adjustable to variances in windage and elevation so that you can hone your accuracy in any conditions.

The rear cap switch is easily deployable using only your trigger finger. If you have a Taurus G2C and are looking for a sight that’s affordable and increases your accuracy, this laser sight is adaptable, economical, and accurate.

Who Should Get This? 

For gun enthusiasts who own a few compact and subcompact pistols, this is an affordable, trusted laser sight that boosts accuracy in any outdoor settings

For Taurus G2C owners who have concealed carry permits and want to boost their accuracy, the Viridian Weapon Technologies E-Series Taurus PT111 Red Laser Sight is a perfect fit

This sight provides a significant boost to your accuracy in any outdoor lighting condition. The red laser makes it ideal for all outdoor conditions, but it is especially effective in the dark. At night, you can see this laser for up to a mile, giving you exceptional accuracy.

Even with weekly use, the battery on this sight is long-lasting, providing up to six hours of continuous utilization. The five-minute auto shut-off on the ambidextrous on/off switch is an excellent failsafe

The Viridian fits your Taurus perfectly, looking like it is part of the pistol’s construction. This sight is made of thermo molded polymer, making it solid and well-constructed for anyone looking for a red-laser sight for their Taurus G2C pistol.

Who Should Get This? 

If you’re a gun enthusiast with a Taurus G2C pistol, this red laser sight increases accuracy, fits your pistol perfectly, and has long battery life.

The Viridian Universal Sub-Compact ECR Green Laser with Tactical Light is an ideal choice for a gun enthusiast who owns a Taurus G2C and is interested in better performance for indoor shooting.

The green laser is incredibly bright, increasing your visibility, and the 100-lumen tactical flashlight offers clear targeting in any lighting conditions.

The lasers have four different modes on this sight, and an automatic-off switch that complements the ECR Instant-On technology, so you don’t have to fumble with buttons but can fully concentrate on the mission at hand.

The Viridian Universal Sub-Compact ECR does not weigh much and is small, making it easy to draw your pistol from your holster and shoot. 

Adjustable for windage and elevation, this sight is incredibly adaptable and provides excellent visibility for precise targeting. It’s easy to install as well – it slides onto the tactical rail and snaps into place with no overhang.

Who Should Get This? 

This is a great laser sight for the gun enthusiast looking for an accessory for indoor shooting, and who wants increased visibility from a tactical flashlight.

The TruGlo TFX Taurus Mil/slm Set Pro Orange Accent TG13TA2PC boosts your shooting accuracy and decreases your draw time

Unmatched in any light conditions, day or night, this laser sight has a U-notch rear sight for optimal accuracy. You can use it one-handed with the angled rear sight edge, enhancing speed and focus. This sight also boosts focus and accuracy with its contrasting focus lock ring.

This laser sight unit glows in the dark and does not need to be charged or exposed to sunlight to do so. It’s incredibly tough as well, made in the United States with Swiss tritium for extra brightness. It’s finished with a nitride protective coating for additional durability. 

Field testers from the National Tactical Officers Association – NTOA – diligently evaluated this laser sight and recommended it. This red-laser sight is highly adaptable, day or night, and facilitates one-handed and quick draw usage.

Who Should Get This? 

For shooters who are obsessed with draw time, this sight provides one-handed accuracy with the U-notch design, and the focus lock ring increases your precision.

With two different ways to activate this laser sight, the ArmaLaser GTO/FLX Finger Touch Red Laser Sight is an excellent choice for the gun enthusiast who is considering a pistol accessory that makes self- and home-defense quick and easy. 

There are two ways to activate this laser – intuitively with the FLX switch, or with the switch on the GTO. The intuitive switch makes this sight a great fit for those concerned with self-defense.

There is also a master on/off switch for total control. The intuitive sensor is located where the trigger guard meets the grip, so you don’t have to shift your grip to get to it.

Steady and pulse beam options give you the latitude to decide which is better in a particular situation. Easy to install and deploy; this accessory helps you protect yourself and your property and increases your accuracy at the shooting range.

Who Should Get This? 

For the Taurus G2C owner concerned with protecting their home and property, the ArmaLaser GTO/FLX is very easy to activate with the FLX switch.

The Beamshot LLC-compact Green Laser Sight and Tactical Light Combo is a great choice for a gun enthusiast who owns a Taurus G2C as well as other guns of different makes as this easy-to-install laser sight fits any handgun with a rail.

The laser in this sight is green, making it excellent for indoor shooting ranges, and is an FDA-approved Class IIIa 5mw laser visible over a mile away.

The tactical flashlight can be deployed for increased visibility and accuracy, and the CR2 lithium battery provides two hours of use for the green laser and over an hour of continuous use for the flashlight beam

Adjustable Dim Light mode allows you to adjust the brightness for any condition, and you can also dim the brightness to preserve battery power. An excellent choice for those with a few pistols, this is a compact and lightweight laser sight with tactical flashlight.

Who Should Get This? 

If you’re a gun enthusiast with different models in your collection, including a Taurus G2C, this is an excellent choice for increased visibility and accuracy.

Best Taurus G2C Laser Overall

With a seamless fit and excellent accuracy, the ArmaLaser Taurus PT111 / PT140 Gen 2 lets the shooter choose between a green or a red laser, beneficial for those who enjoy shooting both inside and outside.

This laser sight is simple to install, taking at most five to ten minutes, and when it’s installed, it looks like a part of the pistol. It’s very accurate, with most reviewers noting that their shooting groups grew closer with this laser sight.

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