◎ Sights improve accuracy over longer distances

◎ Taurus G2C is compatible with different sights

◎ Sights can be used during night or day

◎ Designed to be convenient and snag-free

Compact pistols can be equipped with sights to improve aim and accuracy while preserving the attractiveness of the small size that makes it easy to carry and conceal. Add your preferred TruGlo sight and optimize your accuracy further, giving you the most out of your Taurus G2C.

The Taurus G2C is a polymer-framed compact handgun that is popular for self-defensetactical use, and daily carry. This gun can provide the concealed carrier with confidence and safety on the field, in the range, or for personal protection

The Taurus G2C incorporates a single-action striker fire system that lets the user fire quickly and accurately, additionally allowing for restrike capability. 

The Taurus G2C already provides a great deal of accuracy with a three-dot-sight system, but also offers an integrated Picatinny rail that allows users to mount additional accessories. Adding a sight to your Taurus G2C can make it the ultimate sidearm for accuracy, allowing you to hit marks from farther away. 

Top 7 Best Taurus G2C Sights Reviews

1. TruGlo – Taurus TFX Tritium Sight Sets


TFX tritium sights are known for being easy to see in almost any condition. These TruGlo sights use Swiss tritium and advanced fiber-optic technology to produce a durable sight that does not need a battery. Because of this technology, they can work both during the day and at night. 

They are well-built, shockproof, and chemical resistant, allowing them to last for up to 10 years. When installed correctly, these sights are extremely accurate. However, for some gun owners, professional installation may be recommended.

These sights mount onto your Picatinny rail, providing a sleek and clean installation that allows you to holster and carry your gun as normal, without the risk of snagging. They are specifically designed to be a very tight fit, and once installed, you won’t have to readjust. 

The TruGlo TFX Tritium sight is one of the more premium sights you can get for your Taurus G2C, and its accuracy, construction, and ease-of-use supports its cost. 

Who Should Get This?

This sight is best for the gun owner who wants an all-around high-quality sight to be able to use in all day and night conditions.

Best Taurus G2C Sight Overall

When considering the best Taurus G2C sight to purchase, value for money, ease of use, and high-quality construction sight provide the most benefits to the gun user. The TruGlo – Taurus TFX Tritium Sight Sets is the best choice for most gun owners, as it provides high-quality laser sight that is highly visible both during the day and night. Additionally, the device uses no battery and is very corrosion resistant, so  professional installation can keep it working well indefinitely. 

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