2020's Best Taurus G2C Sight Reviews

OUR TOP CHOICE: TruGlo - Taurus TFX Tritium Sight Sets

  • Sights improve accuracy over longer distances
  • Taurus G2C is compatible with different sights
  • Sights can be used during night or day
  • Designed to be convenient and snag-free

When it comes to firearms, the essential feature is accuracy. Whether you are on the range or in a dangerous situation, Taurus G2C sights can reliably help you hit your mark in any application.

The Taurus G2C is a polymer-framed compact handgun that is popular for self-defense, tactical use, and daily carry. This gun can provide the concealed carrier with confidence and safety on the field, in the range, or for personal protection

The Taurus G2C incorporates a single-action striker fire system that lets the user fire quickly and accurately, additionally allowing for restrike capability. 

The Taurus G2C already provides a great deal of accuracy with a three-dot-sight system, but also offers an integrated Picatinny rail that allows users to mount additional accessories. Adding a sight to your Taurus G2C can make it the ultimate sidearm for accuracy, allowing you to hit marks from farther away.

2020's Best Taurus G2C Sight Reviews

Editor’s Choice: TruGlo – Taurus TFX Tritium Sight Sets

When it comes to firearms, the essential feature is accuracy. Whether you are on the range or in a dangerous situation, Taurus G2C sights can reliably help you hit your mark in any application.

Compact pistols can be equipped with sights to improve aim and accuracy while preserving the attractiveness of the small size that makes it easy to carry and conceal. Add your preferred TruGlo sight and optimize your accuracy further, giving you the most out of your Taurus G2C.

Top 7 Best Taurus G2C Sights Reviews

TFX tritium sights are known for being easy to see in almost any condition. These TruGlo sights use Swiss tritium and advanced fiber-optic technology to produce a durable sight that does not need a battery. Because of this technology, they can work both during the day and at night. 

They are well-built, shockproof, and chemical resistant, allowing them to last for up to 10 years. When installed correctly, these sights are extremely accurate. However, for some gun owners, professional installation may be recommended.

These sights mount onto your Picatinny rail, providing a sleek and clean installation that allows you to holster and carry your gun as normal, without the risk of snagging. They are specifically designed to be a very tight fit, and once installed, you won’t have to readjust. 

The TruGlo TFX Tritium sight is one of the more premium sights you can get for your Taurus G2C, and its accuracy, construction, and ease-of-use supports its cost. 

Who Should Get This?

This sight is best for the gun owner who wants an all-around high-quality sight to be able to use in all day and night conditions.

  • Glows bright during the day or night
  • Durable design is compact and snag-free
  • Features front sight focus ring for even faster focusing
  • Does not need battery or light exposure to work
  • Sealed design keeps it resistant to oils and contaminants
  • Installation may require a professional or experienced gun owner
  • Does not allow for elevation adjustments

The TruGlo TFX Pro Night Sights are an even more premium accessory for your Taurus G2C. These sights are designed for tactical use and military personnel and highly precise. They combine high-quality Swiss Tritium for illumination in all circumstances with fiber optic rods that help amplify ambient light from the environment. 

Both light amplification technologies are sealed within the TFX capsule, redesigned to create the most secure of chambers. Because of its resilience, it is highly protected against oils and chemicals from cleaning products.

The bodies of these sights are CNC machined and given a high-quality finish, making the product both extremely durable and aesthetically pleasing. This product comes with the front sight that has an orange outline to provide a high degree of contrast for quicker target acquisition, and a rear sight that embraces a notch design and an angle on the front face so that gun users can slide the rack. 

Who Should Get This?

The TruGlo TFX Pro Night Sight is perfect for the tactical gun user who wants a product that provides excellent value for money and precision use.

  • Green tritium and fiber optics sight provide unparalleled accuracy
  • Highly visible in all situations
  • Optimal for people with fading or poor vision
  • Great for target practice
  • May be considered bulky for some users
  • Professional assistance may be required for installation

The Novak Fiber Optic Front Sight is a great tool to maximize light for low-light target acquisition. They are very easy to install and fit very comfortably on your Taurus G2C. This sight produces a distinctive glow that shows in dark environments to help you quickly find your target

The front and back sights are sold separately, allowing you to use the built-in sight with your Taurus G2C, or create your own custom three-point fiber optic system using a combination of their other products. The ability to customize your own sight system allows for a high degree of flexibility and the ability for you to design your optimal system.

The Novak Fiber Optic sights are simply but effectively designed, making them affordable solutions for your Taurus G2C. They work well in both daytime and nighttime, making them an excellent choice for gun owners who need dual usage. 

Who Should Get This? 

The sights are great for gun owners looking for a budget-friendly solution for low light gun use and a sign that works for both day and night. 

  • Very cost-efficient
  • Easy installation takes only a few minutes
  • Works great during the daytime
  • Not as bright as expected or as other models
  • Front and back sights sold separately

The ArmaLaser Red Laser Sight is a high-quality red laser that works for both day and night, although it truly shines in the dark. The sight attaches onto your Picatinny accessory rail and is easy to install. It’s an excellent laser for self-defense use or nighttime tactical operations, but less so for competition shooting. This sight packs a lot of power in a small compact device, adding very little weight or bulk to your gun. 

Perhaps one of its greatest features of this sight, is its automatic activation. The laser stays deactivated until your finger makes contact with its human touch-activated sensor pad. As long as you’re making contact with the pad, the laser will stay lit. It also includes a master killswitch in case the laser malfunctions. This sight uses a battery that can last for many hours, especially because of its ability to turn off when not in use.

Who Should Get This? 

The ArmaLaser Red Laser Sight is recommended for gun users who may not always need the use of laser sight and prefer a momentarily activated system.

  • Highly visible at night for protection or tactical use
  • Features human touchpad for automatic activation
  • Battery can last for many hours of use
  • Easy to install
  • Not very visible in daylight

The ArmaLaser Green Laser Sight is a great option for those seeking a daytime or tactical use solution. This laser sight is a lot like its red laser counterpart, but a few distinctions in its design classify it for different purposes. It uses a high-quality green laser that is bright and clearly visible during daytime use. 

This sight does not mount on the top rail, but rather right under the barrel. Similar to the red laser counterpart, this sight also uses a momentary activation feature.

A full battery will give you about two hours of continuous use, emitting a highly visible green beam as far as fifty feet in broad daylight. While this laser won’t be quite as visible as the red one in low light or nighttime situations, it still emits a clean and crisp beam. The sight is adjustable, allowing you to fine-tune it to your own preference. 

Who Should Get This? 

The ArmaLaser Green Laser Sight is a great add on for those less concerned with low light situations and recommended for daytime tactical use and long-distance shooting.

  • Green laser is effective in daylight up to fifty feet
  • Automatic simple touch activation
  • Battery compartment is easy to access
  • Beam can be adjusted as needed
  • Slightly bulkier than other models
  • Not as visible at night

The Viridian Reactor 5 Gen 2 Laser Sight uses the brightest green laser that is allowed to be used legally. This provides an accurate and bright sight that works well in both night and day conditions. While the green laser works better during the day, its additional brightness helps it perform well at night or in low-light scenarios. The laser is highly precise and accurate, allowing you to pick out shots from great distances. 

This laser sight also has multiple light modes, providing some additional tactical uses. Using a conveniently located button, gun users can switch between a solid laser, a strobe effect, or off setting. This extremely bright laser can last up to five hours on a full battery, making it an accessory that you can rely on to last. It is lightweight and easy to manage, adding very little bulk to your gun.

Who Should Get This?

Gun users looking for a laser sight that offers the best brightness in both daylight and nighttime situations can benefit from this Viridian laser sight. 

  • Sight uses brightest green laser legally allowed
  • Up to 5 hours of battery life
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Includes strobing features for tactical uses
  • Buttons for light modes could use improvement

This laser sight boasts the longest battery life of anything on our list. The Veridian Essential Red Laser sight can last up to six hours, providing high-quality visibility in low-light situations. As with other red light lasers, this later is more effective in the nighttime or low light situations

The laser works up to a mile at night and 25 yards during the day. This sight pairs well with a Taurus G2C used for self-protection, allowing the user to easily draw and aim at a moment’s notice. 

The device is very compact and almost weightless. It features a button for laser activation on each side, making it great for right and left-hand users. Many users report that this laser sight works best when professionally installed. Otherwise, you may find that you need to readjust the position or fit of the sight to recalibrate accuracy from time to time.

Who Should Get This? 

The Veridian Essential Red Laser is recommended for gun owners who are seeking a low-light sight with long battery life for their self-defense weapons.

  • Battery can last up to six hours
  • Almost weightless and very compact
  • Laser activation buttons on both sides
  • More effective during the night
  • Sight needs to be adjusted often for accuracy

Best Taurus G2C Sight Overall

TruGlo - Taurus TFX Tritium Sight Sets

TruGlo - Taurus TFX Tritium Sight Sets

When considering the best Taurus G2C sight to purchase, value for money, ease of use, and high-quality construction sight provide the most benefits to the gun user. The TruGlo – Taurus TFX Tritium Sight Sets is the best choice for most gun owners, as it provides high-quality laser sight that is highly visible both during the day and night.

Additionally, the device uses no battery and is very corrosion resistant, so  professional installation can keep it working well indefinitely. 

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