2020's Best Waterproof Tent Reviews

OUR TOP CHOICE: Hillman 4-Season 3-Person Backpacking Tent

This tent is ready to join you on any excursion into the elements. It is lightweight, versatile, and provides spacious accommodations for you and your camping group.

Waterproof tents transform a potentially soggy trip into an adventure imbued with preparation, confidence, and an ability to take on whatever the elements happen to throw at you. They keep adventurers safe from hypothermia and protect essential survival gear–all while enabling the intrepid to make the most of their time outdoors. 

Good waterproof tents offer durability combined with affordability. They are also versatile and easy to bring with you through most terrain. With protection from the elements, you can spend more time on your outdoor adventures.

From sheltering climbers to providing festival goers with a propitious pop-up, these tents help make your adventure-of-choice safer, warmer, and drier. 

Best Waterproof Tent Overall

Editor’s Choice: Hillman 4-Season 3-Person Backpacking Tent

This tent is ready to join you on any excursion into the elements. It is lightweight, versatile, and provides spacious accommodations for you and your camping group.

Top 11 Best Waterproof Tent Reviews

This tent is geared for 4-seasons and ready to accommodate up to 3 people. The rainfly provides a vestibule for additional storage and weather protection, while large mesh sections on the interior tent layer make for superior ventilation. Zipper off these mesh sections to make the tent suitable for winter camping in milder climates. 

At just over 5 lbs., this tent is portable and easily carried between three people. With a spacious footprint and plenty of interior storage pockets, this tent is ready to take on any adventure. From summer festival to a late-fall backpacking trip, this tent is versatile and prepared for whatever comes next. 

Are you heading out on a multi-day car-camping adventure? If you’re staying stationary but want space to stretch out and organize your gear over your week away, the CORE 11-Person Family Cabin Tent just might be perfect for you. 

Built for 11 people, it can certainly accommodate a large group–or you can kit yourself out with sleeping cots and inflatable chairs for your home-away-from-home. With a gear loft, an electrical access port, and plenty of pockets, it’s easy to stay organized and keep your devices charged during your stay in the woods. 

The screen room provides extra sleeping space, but if you’re a smaller group, you may also find that it’s an excellent spot to relax and stay dry during wet weather. You can use this area to prepare food, play games, and hang out with your friends and family even when the weather isn’t at its best. This is a distinct advantage that not many other tents provide. 

With CORE H20 Block technology and a fully sealed floor, this tent works hard to keep you dry. It doesn’t compromise on ventilation, either: Fully adjustable ground vents allow you to control your sleeping experience and maximize your comfort. 

This tent is set to help everyone in the family enjoy their camping trips. Equipped with an electric cord access port, family members can blow up air mattresses and charge devices with relative ease. 

A mesh roof, ground vents, and large double-panel mesh doors make for superior ventilation. Multiple size options mean that you can choose the size and space that you need. 

The tent’s instant design means that you don’t have to fuss with poles. It can be set up in 60 seconds, which makes the tent a perfect choice for busy family trips where you need to arrange for food, corral the kids, and get ready for the next day’s adventure. 

However, the tent’s superior ventilation technology and ease of set-up do not compromise its weatherproofing. Far from it: This tent boasts a waterproof exterior and a top rainfly that makes for a dry, cozy night’s sleep. 

This waterproof pop-up tent houses 2-3 individuals and is perfect for groups searching for an easy-to-set-up instant tent that provides excellent shelter from the elements while car camping or festival-hopping. With poles permanently joined to the tent material, setting up this tent is as easy as opening an umbrella. 

Weighing in at 12 pounds, this certainly isn’t the tent to take backpacking or on a canoe camping trip. However, strategically placed guy lines can be used with stakes to make this pop-up ready for 15 mph winds. 

This tent is, above all, geared for comfort. A spacious interior features hexagonal, steep walls that create a roomy sleeping space. Lantern hangers and convenient pockets make for a homey environment: You can hang a light and organize your gear. 

A rainfly and large mesh doors up the comfort levels, leaving you with a waterproof tent that vents well for plenty of fresh air and a good night’s sleep. All of these factors make this tent ideal for festivals and car-camping. 

It’s difficult to go any smaller than a one-person tent, and this ALPS Mountaineering tent provides the solo camper with an excellent piece of equipment. Lightweight and geared for the mountains, this tent boasts a minimum weight of only 3 lbs. 5 oz. 

This 3-season tent is ready for your adventures and can fit into a backpack, bicycle saddlebags, a kayak, or a canoe. With a length of 7’6”, it can also accommodate the tallest of campers. Just because it’s a one-person tent doesn’t mean you have to sell yourself short on sleeping room. 

As the tent’s name suggests, the ALPS Mountain Lynx is built to withstand the toughest of elements. Equipped with technically superior guy lines and stakes, the tent’s free-standing aluminum pole design produces a sturdy home base for your next adventure. The rainfly creates a vestibule for additional storage space and adds to the tent’s incredible waterproofing. 

The aesthetic-conscious adventurers will be pleased to note that this tent comes in a variety of colors. Inexpensive and geared for the journey, this tent is the perfect addition to the gear rack of any intrepid explorer

This tent is the 4-person version of the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-person tent, and it boasts many of the same specs and perks. The hub-and-pole design means you can enjoy a fuss-free and free-standing set-up with only two poles. 

Strategically placed guy lines and stakes mean your tent can weather challenging winds and rain, and the polyester rainfly provides you with superior protection from the elements. Steeply slanting walls maximize interior space for a roomier stay, and the tent’s footprint is nothing to sniff at. 

With floor dimensions of 7’6” (length) x 8’6” (width), this tent easily accommodates four individuals, plus some extra gear. Furthermore, the dome construction means that you don’t have to lay down in order to change your clothes: A center ceiling height of 52” means that you have ample vertical space. A gear loft and storage pockets to help you stay organized, even after long days on the trail. Two mesh doorways make for easy access and excellent ventilation

The tent’s portability is also nothing to sniff at. Weighing in at 8.6 lbs., the tent averages at 2.2 lbs. per person, which is lighter per person than most one-person tents. Your group will love how compact the tent packs down and how easy it is to distribute the weight between team members. It’s an ideal waterproof tent for a group of four looking to head out on an adventure. 

With a 6’2” ceiling, one large door, and three zippered mesh windows, this tent is geared for groups–especially those with taller campers. The tent boasts a footprint of 10 ft. x 15 ft., making it perfect for accommodating 8 to 9 campers, plus gear. This fully waterproof tent is reinforced with heat-welded sealed seams to keep you warm and dry.

Large, mesh-covered vents provide even more ventilation for the warmer months. A zippered e-port makes for easy electrical access and device charging. Weighing in at 23 lbs., it’s too heavy to take backpacking, but it makes for an excellent car-camping or festival tent. 

The Coleman WeatherMaster is big enough for you, your pets, and your friends. However, don’t let the tent’s sheer size intimidate you! Ounce for ounce, it comes out to only three pounds per person in a ten-person group, which is the weight of an average backpacking tent. 

If you’re heading to the backcountry with a group, distributing gear between individuals will make for a surprisingly lightweight camping experience. However, its niche is the festival.

With two massive rooms and a spacious waterproof awning, this tent can accommodate several air mattresses with ease. Electrical access ports, guy lines, stakes, and awesome ventilation make this tent ideal for festival life, no matter the weather. 

At under $200, this tent is a fantastic deal for an 8-person set-up. Either 8 side-by-side sleeping bags or 3 queen-sized air mattresses fit easily inside. Set up within 10 minutes, the tent’s poles smoothly slide through the hub design.

Smooth, sturdy zippers provide accessibility through the tent’s one large mesh door and allow users to open any one of the five mesh windows to enable airflow. This tent weighs in at 16 lbs., which budgets out to only 2 lbs. per person

If you’re looking for a waterproof, windproof, well-ventilated tent that can take a group into the backcountry, to festivals, and to state park campsites with equal ease, this is it. 

While slightly more expensive than some of the other options on this list, the Coleman Screened Instant Canopy Tent has earned its place on this list of best waterproof tents for several reasons. 

Most canopies aren’t so easily set up, but this tent’s instant set-up makes it perfect as an addition to your car-camping or festival-going gear. Guy lines and stakes mean that the three-minute set up doesn’t compromise the canopy’s stability

The screen walls and waterproof roof allow you to enjoy all your camping activities–playing games, enjoying food, and relaxing–while keeping away from mosquitos and rain. In addition, the tent’s UV guard provides SPF 50+ protection, which is perfect for individuals looking to catch some shade, cool off, and protect their epidermal health during the hot, sunny months of the year. 

Two large doors make this tent easily accessible from both sides. With a footprint of 12 ft. x 10 ft. and a center height of over 8 ft., this tent is roomy and made for entertaining: It’s your next living room in the woods. 

With a pack weight of 1 lb. and 9 oz., this waterproof tent is light enough to suit even the choosiest of ultralight adventurers. It also comes in a 2-person, 2 lb. and 2 oz.  option. Of course, at that weight, you’re paying for superior, lightweight technology–this is not the budget tent. 

However, this is the perfect tent for backpackers and adventurers who are willing to put up with a tight squeeze in order to get their pack down to a minimum trail weight. 

The tent does not compromise on waterproofing technology, either. An integrated, silicone-coated double flysheet provides you with some of the best waterproof protection on the trail, and high-quality stakes and guy lines help keep your tent taut and strong against even mighty wind and rain. 

The 2-layer design provides you with an efficient, waterproof, and windproof tent that will stand the test of time as well as the test of the elements. 

Best Waterproof Tent Overall

While each of the products on our list demonstrates a particular advantage, no other tent quite equals the versatility of the Hillman 4-Season 3-Person Backpacking Tent. Sophisticated, complex waterproofing technology is coupled with a rainfly vestibule and lightweight features. 

The mesh makes for great ventilation in the summer months, or you can zipper them off to create a warm, dry shelter during the winter and rainy days. The best feature of this tent is how spacious it is, offering plenty of room for you and two camping companions, or for a solo trip with plenty of gear. The weatherproof capability of this tent won’t let you down, and it will see you through years of exploration.  

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